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3 Spring Bridal Fashion Trends You Can’t Miss!

Planning your wedding fashion details? We have you covered! 

We’re talking Spring wedding accessory trends, from the resurgence of the classics to some eye-popping, head-turning stunners!



Classic wedding feels are back and that means so are bridal pearls. This look is great for the bride who loves wedding tradition, mid-century looks and a chance to wear family heirloom pieces.

Pearl jewelry is always a beautiful choice for your wedding day. Whether you wear a family piece or choose a new design you can one day pass on, what brides love about pearls is that they are always in fashion. 

Colorful pearls are a great way to add interest to this quintessential wedding accessory. For Spring, opt for light colored pearls like pink, lavender or a light gray. As colorful wedding gowns are in, it’s the perfect opportunity to play off the notions of color in your bridal gown. 

Pearl jewelry for brides can stand purely on their own or alongside other gems. Rhinestone and pearl combinations have a throwback, Gatsby look that is completely on trend. Pearls set in silver look fresh, where pearls set in gold lends for a vintage look. And of course, pearls and diamond jewelry never disappoint.

The biggest trend in pearls for bridal fashion at the moment however goes beyond jewelry and into accessories. Pearl bows are having a moment, perfect for a sugar-sweet bridal look. Veils of all lengths are popular and are being dotted and lined in pearls.

Wear them big or wear them small, but pearls should be in your bridal accessory lineup.

Dramatic Hair Pieces

This is the kind of bridal accessory trend that will have heads turning! Literally.

Dramatic headpieces have come into vogue for bridal fashion. We’re talking large tiaras, feathered headdresses, and curtains of flowers. This trend is all about embracing your moment and owning your look.

The dramatic headdress look is inspired from a number of sources. One is simply the pent-up demand for events that have made these affairs over-the-top in all the right ways. Weddings, including decor, fashion and entertainment, have leaned into the big and bold. Statement pieces are taking over subtly both in bridal fashion and beyond.

We also have the Bridgerton-effect to thank. Regency is big right now in weddings, with Bridgerton-inspired fashion, floral and more. Forget princess for a day, brides are wanting to be the queen. And they are looking the part.

Bring the look together by going head-to-toe with your chosen head piece. If you’re opting for one of the popular floral cap veils, wear it alongside a floral applique dress. If feathers are your thing, embrace a feathered belt (also popular!) or cape.

We’d normally advise a subtle, simple gown when going big for your accessories. But with this trend, we say go for it. The bigger the better.

Big and bold hair accessories for brides are usually regulated to the runway. But not this year. Some brides have waited more than their fair share to walk down the aisle, so if they treat it like their own personal runway, who are we to complain?

Ear Glam

Did we mention wedding fashion is going big yet? And oh yes, that includes the jewelry. Specifically, earrings.

As mentioned, the Regency look is leaning into bridal fashion and that means exquisitely dramatic earrings. Gatsby-inspired wedding looks continue to be on-trend and are also influencing the trend.

We haven’t seen chandelier earrings in wedding fashion in awhile, but are so here for it. This earring style is distinct by not only being long, but wide. They often feature layers of mini-jewels or beads that cascade down, just like a crystal chandelier. The best options have at least four layers of designs and end in a definitive tip.

But it’s more than chandelier earrings we’re seeing in this glamorous jewelry look.

Long, lean earrings are also a part of this trend. These earrings are less wide, but drip down the neck and brush the shoulders for a beautiful impact.

Bridal ear glam goes beyond traditional earrings. Think ear cuffs, crawlers or fully custom pieces that incorporate floral sprigs and shooting stars.

Pair your bridal ear accessories with your overall style and look. Long, flowing earrings work well with lean, glamorous gowns. Floral is, of course, perfect for a Spring wedding. That could mean floral pieces fashioned around your ear or chandelier earrings done up with tiny flower details.

If you opt for this mega-ear glam look, you may not even need to have a veil or other headpiece.

When you’re wearing statement-piece earrings like these, you really don’t need much more.