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5 Reasons Why you Need to Hire a Planner for Your Special Day!

Is hiring a wedding planner at the top of your list? Gretchen with Aly Am Paperie gave us some great advice about why you should hire a planner for your special day. 

Image of Brides on a Budget
  1. This ain’t their first rodeo! They will guide you to the ones that will share your vision, work within your budget and click best with you. 
  • They have an extensive list of well-vetted vendors for each category of your wedding day. 
  • They are your insurance policy to enjoy this day that you planned for and invested in for so long
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     2. They are there for you to guide you through the whole process, be your cheerleader when you need a little encouragement, and your advocate when there is a problem to resolve.

Image of Picturesque

      3. Yes, they can be an expense but they pay for themselves in two ways:

  • They can help you save money with their vast experience of past weddings and knowledge of vendors can find a way to get it done for you at the best price.
  • Time is money, but the time during your wedding day should be enjoyed instead of stressing over the details!

Image of Viva Global Events

      4. They are excellent at making your vision become reality from helping you choose the right venue for your look and budget to reaching into their little bag of tricks and choosing the right vendors to pull off your look or help with a special request.

Image of Brava Events

      5. They are working for YOU!  If there is a problem with a vendor, whether it be their friend or simply a business connection, they are going to work out the very best scenario for you.  So, when you hire them be mindful of, their advice and trust them…they want nothing more than to ensure your special day is the happiest it can be. 

Image of Weddings by H-E-B.

     6. Bonus: vendors really appreciate knowing they have a contact for your wedding day, so they don’t have to bother you should a problem arise. Your wedding planner works with each vendor to ensure they arrive in the order they need to set up in.  Much like Legos, one piece cannot come before another as they need to arrive in a certain order to “build” the overall look on each other.

Thank you, Gretchen, with Aly Am Paperie for the great advice!

If you’re now thinking about hiring someone to take away all that wedding stress, here are some of our favorite planners: Picturesque, Brides on a Budget Events, Brava Events, Viva Global Events, Encore Events, LLC, and Weddings by H-E-B.