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Afrocentric Wedding Themes & Ideas – Your San Antonio Wedding

Whether you have a distinct knowledge of your ancestry you want to connect with, or you simply want to imbibe your wedding with Afrocentric traditions and themes. We have your tips, ideas, and a bit of history.

Cowrie Shells

Cowrie shells have a variety of meanings – all which have special significance to weddings. Cowrie shells represent fertility, prosperity, and strength.

Working with your wedding consultant, cowrie shells can be incorporated in countless ways into your wedding reception decor and wedding theme. Of course jewelry and custom headpieces are an ideal way to add cowrie shells to your look. But don’t stop there. Cowrie shells can be added as a detail to your wedding invitations, or added by your florist in boutonnieres and wedding bouquets.

Jumping the Broom

The history of Jumping the Broom at wedding ceremonies is debated. From roots in West Africa where the broom would ward off evil, to slaves in the United States possibly jumping over a broom to officiate weddings. Whatever the roots of this tradition, today’s couples who jump the broom do so as an homage to their heritage and traditions.

Now, we aren’t just grabbing the broom from the kitchen or shed on our way out the door. These days, wedding brooms range from the simple to the elaborate. Working with your florist or wedding decorator, you can coordinate your wedding broom design in your wedding colors, matching the look and feel of your ceremony. These brooms serve as a special memento after the wedding.

Money Dance

Who doesn’t love a tradition where you’re showered with money? There are many cultures that incorporate some form of the money dance into wedding ceremonies. The Nigerian Money Dance being one of the most common and popular among them. The happy couple dances to their good fortune while guests shower them with dollar bills as a tribute to their future.

Rum Cakes

Called Caribbean Black Cake, Rum Cake or simply Black Cake, these traditional cakes add a fun element to your wedding reception dessert spread. Made with cherries and dried fruits that are soaked in rum for months, the cakes batter itself is also finished in rum. Like many wedding trends, you can give this traditional cake a modern twist by working with your bakery to decorate your cake with a modern wedding style, and perhaps a little less booze!

Kente Cloth

Originating from Ghana, the patterns and colors of traditional Kente cloth is hard to miss. The bright colors and eye-catching patterns can bring a distinct look to your wedding. Of course the Kente cloth can be used in your wedding gown and additional wedding fashions for your bridal and grooms party. But don’t stop dreaming there. From wedding cakes to decorations, the beautiful Kente cloth pattern can brighten up all areas of your wedding.