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Boutique Weddings in Austin – Perfectly Intimate

Planning your boutique wedding in Austin? We’ve compiled expert tips and links to intimate wedding specials in the Austin area. Let’s get planning!

With many large-scale wedding plans still thwarted, couples are turning to more intimate, boutique weddings with a small gathering of their truly nearest and dearest. Though your original vision may be tabled, intimate weddings give you an opportunity to still truly create a special day when selecting the right Austin wedding vendors.

Foxglove Floral, (C) 2018 Marisa Vasquez Photography

Be patient with your vendors…and yourself.

It’s important to be patient with your vendors in turn with them being patient with you. They are doing their best to keep up with regulations and last minute changes as well. The good news? Being adaptable is what wedding pros excel at! The other good news? Many wedding vendors have created specific packages geared toward this trendy style of boutique wedding that will suit your needs and keep your plans moving forward. For example, venues such as Messina InnTerrAdorna and McKinney Roughs State Nature Park are all featuring wedding packages geared toward micro weddings that fits couples intimate wedding needs.

Think big.

With the 20 tables of 10 guests scrapped, many couples are turning to backyard events and unique venues as they only need a small amount of space. This gives you the opportunity to really splurge on extra details that may be unreachable with a 100 plus guest list. Think higher-end wines, premium guest favors or cascading floral to create a magical space.

In addition to luxury upgrades you can now consider, small weddings give you the chance to pull in many personalized details. Napkins with custom monograms that double as place cards, personalized wedding favor baskets reflecting the interests and tastes of each guests. With a guest list of 5 – 25, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to personalize not just on your tastes as a couple, but the tastes of each guest as well.

Floral by foxglove & grace

Don’t skip the details.

Just because the ceremony and reception may be super-intimate, don’t ignore the details that create excitement and memorability. For example, avoid simply relying on a Facebook invite, but invest in beautiful invitations – even for a group of ten. This is an excellent moment to take on that advice to personalize as each invites can be truly unique.

You may be tempted to pull back on hiring a professional photographer, but nothing beats that creative eye to truly make your wedding photography pop. Even with a small crowd, they’ll be moments you’ll miss that the lens captures and you’ll only discover when viewing your final photos after the wedding.

Two important elements for any size wedding is the cocktail hour, and the send off. The cocktail hour provides precious time for the photographer to take photos of the couple and their family. So what if that’s the entire guest list? Re-imagine the cocktail hour with a creative grab and go station of appetizers, pre-poured cocktails and, always, champagne. The cocktail “hour” may be shorter, but it still gives your guests a moment to get some food and grab a drink while waiting for their turn behind the lens.

As the evening winds down, you won’t want to skip a traditional send-off. Even if you’re just walking out your front door! The photos are special and you’ll have a sense of completion that you finally tied the knot.

Tiff’s Treats Wedding Favors

Indulge your virtual guests.

Couples can be confident in knowing there is a growing number of professionals that are experts in creating a digital event option for those unable to be in person for your wedding. From Austin area DJ‘s to Videographers, you have several options to include those around the country, and those right in town who can’t be a part of the festivities.

Don’t forget your virtual guests in the build-up to the wedding. Send them a beautiful invitation just as you do with your in-person guests. Perhaps accompanied with a Prosecco split for a hybrid toast, and one of the beautiful favors you gave your other guests. A wedding in a box item such as this will build their excitement. Encourage your virtual guests to dress up, and ask them to submit photos of them “attending” your wedding to add to the fun!

However your final intimate wedding comes together, the day will be special, the time memorable and the memories will last a lifetime.

Check out the intimate wedding venue packages mentioned above with Messina Inn, TerrAdorna, McKinney Roughs Nature Park.