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Bridal Registry 101

When do I start my Registry?

We have Brides ask us all the time “When should I do my Registry?” Or “Is it too early to do my registry even though we aren’t getting married for another year?”  You would want to do your registry 4 to 6 months in advance, as you will want your guests to be able to purchase for your showers as well as wedding.  The earlier you do your Registry you will be able to start receiving engagement gifts and shower gifts. Have your Registry done so when people ask what you want for your birthday or Christmas they can start purchasing from your Registry!

How do I start a Registry?

Choose up to 3 stores you will be able to get a variety of things from.  Local stores will be able to help you with your more unique and special flatware, dishes, barware and everyday pieces. The customer service of a local store will help simplify your process.  You might want to choose a larger chain store for your bigger appliances like coffee makers, toasters and cookware sets. To get complete sets of items to make sure you only register those things at one location. Don’t do a set of dishes at a local store as well as another location as you will never get completed sets.

Why do I need to choose a variety of gifts?

It is very important to make sure that your Registry has a variety of items. This will show a wide range of prices so you can cater to all of your guests. Look for fun home decor items like pillows and cute frames for all of those future wedding pictures.

How do I know what to put on my Registry?

Don’t think about your lifestyle today. Think ahead about family gatherings, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.  It might just be the two of you now but could later turn into a family dinner of 12 and you’ll want enough plates. Just because you don’t think you need platters and serving pieces, you might down the road so add them on!

How do I tell people about where I Registered?

You will always want to let your friends and family know where you are registered so you can get the items you picked out.  It’s best to link the location to your wedding website and always put the location on your shower invitations. The more you let people know where you registered the better chance of getting all that you picked! So make sure you are sending it out on social media too!

To Have & To Hold is one of the fantastic places to help you get started. They cater to couples looking for non-cookie cutter options for your home and have excellent customer service, which sets them apart from major retail chains. To Have & To Hold invites you to visit their boutique and set up a consultation, so they can help make sure you have everything you need on your registry.  Some more great news is that they also offer free gift-wrapping and deliver to your home for the shower or the venue for your wedding reception. Wherever you choose we wish you the best and hope you find the perfect gifts!