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Classic Cakes with a Twist

We are seeing some new trends in 2019, but mostly we are seeing some adjustments to designs that have been wedding couples favorites for a while. We spoke with wedding cake professional, Kayla from Kayla Knight Cakes who has the rundown on some of the most popular trends! 

Rose Gold!

Brides are going crazy over this new color choice. Slightly different than a traditional gold, with more pinks, this glittery pink/gold hue tone is gorgeous on a wedding cake!

Photographer: Kayla Knight Cakes

Natural Cakes with Greenery

Greenery on a cake has been popular for a while, but couples have changed it up a bit.  Brides love the natural look of greenery, not forcefully placed, but skillfully laid in a nonrhythmic or whimsical pattern on the cake. Couples still love the natural look of a textured cake, and adorning it with earth tone greens are all the rage!

Photographer: Lyndsay Photography

Dessert Tables

There is no better way to provide multiple flavor choices than with a dessert table.  Rather than a grand 3 or 4 tier cake, couples are choosing a casual two tier cake with cupcakes. Guests love walking up to a table filled with different flavors…there is certainly something for everyone.

Photographer: Paige Vaughn Photography


Yes, gold is still the natural color of choice!  This elegant and formal color will dress up any cake design!

Photographer: ML Photo and Film

Lace and Script 

Originally designed for her own vow renewal, couples have fallen in love with it.  One of a kind and unique, this design is vintage, formal, elegant, and yet modern all at the same time.

Photographer: Christina Hastings Photography

Specialty Cakes 

We love specialty cakes and the style it gives to your wedding day. Showing off your hobbies and passion on a cake can really add something fun to your big day.  

Photographer: ML Photo and Film

Thank you, Kayla, for your great expert info on wedding cakes. Looking for more wedding cake inspiration, please check out our gallery.