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Fast Five: Diamond Barrel

Diamond Barrel‘s owner Shannon Minor knows what it’s like to be a stressed-out bride. And she’s vowed that her couples will never feel that way! Instead she runs her wedding venue with ease and pride in mind.

Diamond Barrel is Liberty Hill’s newest wedding venue. We recently spoke down with Shannon to learn a little more about the venue, and herself.

What is your favorite wedding trend right now and why?

There have been so many changes in past decade to traditional wedding trends and one of my favorites is the unconventional wedding party. I see weddings with one or even no party standing at the ceremony to mix-matching men and women on either side. It’s truly about you, your loved ones and how you want your special day and who you want standing with you. Don’t worry about what’s “traditional” or what other people think you should do, make it YOU! This is the part you’ll remember most!

What is your favorite wedding tradition and why?

One tradition I think is very special is honoring those who are unable to be there in attendance to the wedding. Personally, I had lost my grandfather a few years before my wedding and my grandmother was unable to make it since she was in late stages of Alzheimer’s. My dogs were also a big part of our relationship since we met at a dog park and they were not able to attend the actual ceremony, so I had a small photo of each of them tied to my (something) blue ribbon on my bouquet. In being a part of other weddings, I see such sweet tributes as leaving seats open during the ceremony, photo wall of those who have passed, lapel pins and using something borrowed or something old from someone that cannot be at the wedding.

What inspired you to start this company?

My husband and I got married in 2018 and it was the most fun, stressful and overwhelming time! I had a wedding planner help with coordinating the wedding and I never felt special, more like a burden with a checkbook. I felt like my questions didn’t get answered, there were no emotions and everything was very last minute. I loved being a bride and taking the journey to our wedding day but did not like working with her. I wanted to change that in any way I could for this industry and our dream was to move to the country, open our own wedding venue and make sure our couples felt special. We tend to be very open to talking with our couples, answering any questions they may have, let them visit the venue as often as they need to and share our favorite vendors’ information. This should be a fun time and while I understand it’s still stressful, we really try to alleviate any of that stress as much as possible!

What was your favorite vacation ever?

This is tough, I love to travel! Thank goodness I met and married a man with the wandering spirit! Our favorite vacation together is our first trip to Jamaica. We were only dating at the time but worked in high stress jobs that we weren’t so happy in and really needed this getaway. It was the first time to the Caribbean for both of us and first time at an all-inclusive resort. WOW! We stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid (plug) and it’s so incredibly romantic. He said if he had a ring, he would have proposed right then and there. Every moment was so special. I actually teared up on our way to the airport to have to leave. We loved it so much, we went back for our 1 year anniversary and my husband’s birthday in 2021.

What services do you provide?

Our venue hosts weddings and events! If you’re looking for a romantic, rustic-chic vibe in a hill country setting, we’re your venue! If you have a place for your ceremony but they don’t accommodate receptions, we’re perfect for that too! Engagement parties, family get-togethers, showers, birthday parties, etc., we’re a great venue for any event!

Visit the Diamond Barrel website to learn more.