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Fast Five with The Knot Tyer Wedding Minister

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Scott Payne, Minister/Owner of The Knot Tyer Wedding Minister. 


  1. What services do you provide?
    I am a Wedding Minister/Officiant and have a wonderful team of real ministers on The Knot Tyer Wedding Minister team. We also offer pre and post-marriage counseling. I am a professional singer (I’ve had songs on the radio, performed for Presidents of our nation and other dignitaries) and sing at some of my weddings. I also perform concerts throughout the year for different groups. I also do Life Celebrations. My beautiful wife, Anna, and I have been blessed with a beautiful home that we built with an amazing view and (upon invitation) offer this for couples to have their wedding free of charge for this location. It is just too beautiful not to share!
  2. What inspired you to start this company?
    A couple’s wedding is one of the happiest days of their life and a start of new beginnings which is always exciting! For me, it is a complete joy and honor to be with a couple on this amazing day and to help all their combined dreams to come true!
  3. What sets your company apart from similar ones in the same field?
    My team and I are real ministers. You’re having a real wedding, we are real ministers. We are professional speakers who speak before thousands of people each month. Your wedding will be exciting, heartfelt and captivating for both you and your guests.
    I have an amazing gift for you both that I developed throughout the years called The Knot Tyer Wedding Package! When we have our in-person or virtual visit, I will create notes and bring up amazing things from my package for you both to consider. Most officiants don’t even know about these options for your ceremony. One reason is because I created some of them. My goal is to help you both create a ceremony that will be something you both will cherish for a lifetime!
  4. What is your favorite part of your workweek and why?
    Every day is my favorite because I do weddings every day of the week so that is one of my favorite things and getting to meet couples who have just gotten engaged, we always have a blast together! I feel I am the most blessed person on earth to get to help a couple plan their wedding and be their wedding minister! It is beyond words how I feel about this!
  5. What is one favorite client story and why?
    So many to choose from but the newest story started with a phone call and when I picked up, the caller said “This is an emergency!” I said, “Oh my goodness, what can I do to help?” The brother of the bride said, “My sister’s officiant/judge did not show up to their wedding, which is NOW!” I said, “I am on my way!” It was a long drive so they decided to have part of the reception first and when I arrived, have the wedding and after this, finish out the reception. When I arrived, I meet with this sweet couple, ask them some questions, put together a ceremony from my heart, and ask them if they had a ribbon somewhere. Mom looked throughout the house and found one. I also asked if they had some music for the bride to walk in on and if not, I have a guitar with me and I can play a song I wrote titled, “Let’s Start Forever Today.” They did have a song but after hearing my song, opted for it instead. We had an amazing moment in time that was designed just for them so they were so excited because the original setup was just going to be something generic but ended up being a memory to last a lifetime! In my heart, that is what this is all about!!

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