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Fast Five with Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Elevia Le, Special Events Coordinator for Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery.  

  1. What services do you provide?
    Tiff’s Treats lets you make your wedding planning experience a little bit sweeter with freshly baked, warm cookies, brownies, and ice cream. Deliver warm cookies as a “Be My Bridesmaid” or “Be My Groomsman” invite, as a “welcome to Texas” gift for your out-of-town guests, or to say thank you. Tiff’s Treats baked-to-order warm cookie delivery concept is the perfect choice for any wedding, shower, or special event.
  2. What inspired the start of this company and why do you love it?
    When Tiff’s Treats started in 1999, Tiffany and Leon Chen had the vision of bringing on-demand warm cookie delivery to the University of Texas and Austin community. Since then, Tiff’s Treats has grown not only to more than 60 locations across the nation but have also made their bake-at-home cookies available for nationwide shipping. The magical experience of receiving warm cookies as a gift further inspired Tiff and Leon to expand their options to customizable offerings such as their mini boxes or Tiffwich Parties which are perfect for weddings and other special events. I love Tiff’s Treats because of the story of how Tiff and Leon started the company and their passion for making people happy every day through warm cookies.
  3. What sets your company apart from similar ones in the same field?
    Tiff’s Treats is famous for bringing hot, fresh-from-the-oven cookies and brownies to hungry treat lovers everywhere. We are the nation’s first on-demand warm cookie delivery company. We make amazing treats from high-quality ingredients and bake them when you order them, so they’re delivered warm and fresh. Our premium packaging options are perfect for sending gifts to friends, family, and business clients for any occasion, while our Cookie Concierge makes it easy for anyone to check off their gifting or “thank you” lists with hundreds or thousands of warm cookie deliveries through our personalized services. Last but not least, our award-winning CookieVision augmented reality also allows you to record a personalized video message to include with any delivery to one or multiple gift recipients.
  4. What is your favorite part of your workweek and why?
    I look forward to helping brides and event coordinators find the perfect cookie delivery experience for their guests by building custom packages of cookies, brownies, and ice cream – anything to make their special occasion exactly as they had imagined.
  5. What is one favorite client story and why?
    Back when we had multiple-colored ribbons available in stores, we had a customer who would order Tiff’s Treats for his girlfriend pretty often. Turns out, she kept all of the ribbons from the boxes of warm cookies he sent to her, and years later, at their wedding, the ribbons were used in her bridal bouquet.

For more information, visit Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery.