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How To Choose Your…Wedding Send Off

It’s the night of your wedding reception. All the plans have finally come together. The execution, flawless. The food and drinks have been consumed. The dance floor is winding down.

It’s time to make your exit.

This is your last look for your wedding. The final shot to wrap up the night.

What’s it going to be?

From bubbles to sparklers to saber archways, your options range from the traditional to the unexpected. We’ve got a few ideas to ensure your final departure is memorable and photo-ready.

Color Blasters

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Plumes of colorful smoke are trending in popularity for weddings. The bright colors make for beautiful photos. And it’s hard not to wear a smile while setting one of these color bombs off. Though they look explosive, they are safe and easy to use.

The color options are numerous when using color blasters. Finish your look with blasters that match your wedding colors, or head under a rainbow of colorful smoke.

If you have a daytime wedding reception, or a well-lit departure area, steal this look for an epic exit strategy.


Colorful and joyful, ribbons are becoming a popular option for wedding departures.

You have loads of options when it comes to colors. Certainly you can match your wedding colors, or have a different take. Choose ribbons in the color of your alma mater, get glitzy with silver and gold, or go with the favorite colors of the bride and groom.

In addition to looking lovely in your photos, ribbons are a fairly easy clean up option as well. Have someone in charge of collecting them from the guests after you leave, at least for anyone who doesn’t opt to take theirs home.


Ok, not actual snow.

Executing a winter-wonderland wedding in Texas has its own set of challenges. But with the right wedding professionals, the theme can be pulled off. Even if the sun is shining outdoors.

Whether your wedding is full-on winter themed, or you just want a bit of magic while you depart, consider using biodegradable “movie snow” for your send off. The product melts instantly with a bit of water, so many wedding venues will approve its use.

Thankfully, you can easily now buy pre-made snow packets for your wedding, so no filling up 100 little bags.

Bubbles 2.0

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Bubbles have been a wedding send-off favorite for years. They work year-round, look beautiful and are approved for almost every wedding venue. As an added advantage, bubbles are inexpensive.

To kick your bubble game up a notch, try bubble gun shooters. You’ll get mega-bubble wattage when handing these out to your guests. As a bonus, they even come with LED lights!


Get the feel of nature in your send-off by giving your guests dried lavender florets to toss while you make your departure. In addition to a beautiful photo, you’ll leave under softly scented air as well. Though you can buy lavender online, lavender farms are abundant in Texas if you’re keen to keeping it local.

Outdoor venues will likely not require clean up after your lavender shower, which helps wrap up the night without an additional chore. Control the final output by pre-filling cones for each guest.

Not a lavender fan? Any dried herb can work. Herbs such as sage can look beautiful in the fall and spring.


There’s just something about colorful confetti falling through the air that is downright festive and celebratory. The more confetti you provide your guests, the better that final photo is going to be.

Know that most venues don’t allow traditional confetti, whether indoors or out. To get the confetti look without the nearly-impossible clean up, look into biodegradable confetti. Your venue coordinator may not be familiar with this product, so get him or her the details up front for approval before your purchase.


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Sparklers have remained popular for a wedding send-off, and for good reason. It’s hard to beat the look of that final photo with glittering sparklers surrounding the smiling couple. In addition to the photo op, sparklers are inexpensive and the cleanup is easy.

If you have your heart set on exiting under a sea of sparklers, be sure you make that a key question when looking into wedding venues. In recent years more and more wedding venues have added decor policies that prohibit sparklers.

Glow Sticks

Get the party vibe going with a glow stick send off.

A glowing send off gives you late night party vibes for your final photo. Add in glow glasses and jewelry for additional flow and fun. You can even start handing out the glow sticks during the DJ’s final couple songs, then parade everyone out for your departure.

Be strategic in your selections and leave ample room depending on the length of the glow items you selected. You don’t want your final memory being whipped in the face!

Paper Airplanes

We love paper airplane send-offs! This send-off is popular enough that you can purchase them in bulk, but unique enough to add some surprise and delight to your guests.

Messages of love, well wishes or wedding date information, the design can fit flawlessly with your theme or decor for your wedding.

The paper airplanes will need to be gathered up after your departure, so keep that in mind. Thankfully, your smallest guests will likely be happy to help with this chore!