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How to Turn your Invite List into an RSVP number – Guest Post

If you’re trying to figure out how many people will be at your wedding, here are some tips from an expert.

Guest blog by La Escondida Celebration Center.

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You and your SO have decided to tie the knot and are starting to talk with Vendors about THE BUDGET!!!
But everyone you talk to needs a guest number…
So how do you turn your invite list into an RSVP number?!
The simple rule we tell our guests is…

1. Put everyone on your invite list to whom you want to send an invitation.

2. Cross off everyone you know won’t come … your mom’s great-aunt-grandma from Chattahoochee you met that one time when you were 5, your SOs dad’s boss, and your 3rd grade teacher, …

3. Now that you have your pared-down list, you can count on about 75-80% of those guests RSVP ’ing “Yes” to your event! This number may slightly go up or down,  but it’s a good number to begin working with!

This formula should help you create a more accurate guest number to help your planning process and assist with your budgeting details!

This blog was originally posted by La Escondida Celebration Center.