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Spring Beauty Trends for 2021

No final bridal look is complete without deciding on your make-up and hair options. From romantic to sleek, your choices are wide but there’s only one final look that will be perfect for you. We’ve rounded up the latest trends to get you started.

Glow & Shimmer

All that sparkle and glow! Spring is bringing a luminous quality to beauty trends this season. The freshness of the seasons means not only a lit from within quality, but a lit from without with a little help from the right make up and style. The most important aspect of this look is the skin. A glowing primer or a pinkish hue highlighter will give you a start. 

Nancy North with Mary Kay advises us that a wash of pink blush and cheeky highlights showcases this Spring beauty trend for brides. Pink blush and lipstick is a winner. “Pink is the new power color,” says North.

Extend the shimmer to the eyes with a gleaming, champagne-colored eyeshadow placed just below the brow line. But be sure to keep the rest of the shadow palette matte to avoid looking immature or costumey.

The final glowy touch comes in your nails. A pale pink always works for a bride, but consider pale blues and silvers as well. A subtle sheen or for a bolder look, add a bit of perfectly placed glitter.

Clean & Natural

Time to skip the excessive contouring and focus on a more relaxed, natural look for your wedding day. 

This isn’t a no-makeup look, but instead a fresh-faced approach. The idea is to use natural colors, avoiding harsh eyeliners and an overdone appearance. You’ll stick with your everyday palate and push it just a touch further with a bit more blending and plenty of skin-perfecting tools.

Speaking of skin, this look relies on make-up prep that all starts with skincare. Review your current beauty and skincare routine a couple months before the wedding and make any adjustments to keep your skin hydrated and supple. And especially avoid too many cocktails the week before your wedding that will pull moisture from your skin faster than you can replenish it!

As Nancy North tells all her brides, “Beauty is being your authentic self.” She recommends dewy skin created by the right skin-care routine and minimal make-up to create a unique that is truly yours.

Strong Eyes

It’s no wonder a bold eye is making a scene this Spring. With masks continuing to be the norm of the day, at least in part, brides and bridesmaids are turning to a dramatic eye that makes a statement. 

The right strong eye for you could me a smoky look for evening elegance, playing up hints of greys and purples. Or bold colors that truly pop against your skin, adding some fun to your look. The right eye make up will draw eyes upward, adding lift and drama.

You’ll want to avoid raccoon eyes by using the proper primer for your skin type. Your beauty consultant will be able to help guide you on the right selection if you’re unsure. 

Down Do’s

Embrace the romance of Spring with a long-elegant down do. As long, wavy hair has grown in popularity this past year (ahem, thanks quarantine), brides are capitalizing on obtaining their long tresses. These down do’s are ideal for a Spring garden wedding, an intimate Sunday brunch or an afternoon ceremony. 

The look is all about wavy or curly hair, tumbling down the back in Rapunzel-style fashion. Braids, whether done in a crown or down the back, adds a touch of sweetness. Sprigs of floral or a golden wreath amp up the Spring influences. 

Sleek & Elegant

The trends this season seem to play in opposites, and this Spring is no different. In addition to long, sweeping romantic down do’s, sleek & elegant hairstyles are having a moment. 

Elegant chignons, sleek buns and tightly woven braided up-dos look sophisticated and modern for both a daytime or evening wedding. They can bring balance to an intensely detailed or dramatic wedding gown, and work equally well with a simpler style with clean lines. This look is all versatility and blends into a variety of wedding themes, colors, styles and formality. 

Whichever hairstyle you choose, be sure to bring photos of your wedding gown when meeting with your beauty consultant to begin creating your final look. Still looking for a gown? Be sure to check out our Spring Fashion Trends post from earlier this week!

Check out the website from our Mary Kay contributor, Nancy North.