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Spring Bridal Beauty Trends

As Spring works to burst through the last bits of winter chill, we’re feeling ready! Garden ceremonies, brunch receptions, floral gowns and breezy spring palettes – we’re talking all things Spring weddings.

And we’re starting with Spring beauty trends. This season, bridal beauty is all about being naturally you. Read on to hear about fresh takes on makeup, hair and more.

Glossy Nude Lips


Masks are out and lips are back.

For spring brides – wear them nude, full and glossy.

The right makeup artist can carefully use a variety of nude lip pencils and colors to bring out your natural fullness. Though nude lipstick is meant to look natural, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to just go without any lip color at all.

The idea is to pick a shade close to your natural pout, but richer. The color should even out your color. But more importantly, adding the right gloss for this look is key. You’ll want high-shine and possibly some added ingredients to add some lip volume such as cinnamon or ginger. Work with your bridal makeup artist for just the right shade.

For some extra oomph – lip injections are always an option. If it’s your first time, go for the temporary injections and let them know you’re a newbie.



Bridal braids are making a huge renaissance this year. And for good reason.

Braids can be boho, sleek or romantic. Braids can go long down the back or swept up in an elegant updo. If you’re wearing your hair with pearls, crystals, flowers or just nude – a braided hairdo can handle it.

You’ll want to ensure your chosen braid pairs perfectly with your wedding dress. A long, elegant silk wedding gown means a sleek braid knotted into a twist. A boho wedding dress calls for a low, loose braid that nods to messy but is ultimately pulled together.



Let’s be clear. We’re not recommending you run out and get a tattoo just cause it’s a trend.

What we are saying is if you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. Once upon a time brides with tats were encouraged to cover them up. Long sleeves, high necklines…excessive body makeup. Brides with tattoos were a no-go.

Now, the trend (and we hope the norm), is to show them off. Plunge that neckline. Go sleeveless. Just don’t be shy.

Your tattoos tell a story, and your wedding should be all about sharing that story.

Lots of couples consider paired tattoos before their wedding. And we love that idea. But if you are considering a tattoo before your wedding, give yourself time. You need several weeks to let the image heal and make any tweaks as needed.

Big Cheeks


Big cheek color is where it’s at for Spring brides.

Deep rogue, bright pinks, apple red – brides are letting their cheeks take center stage for Spring. The look is sweet and alluring and pairs perfectly with the shorter hemlines and A-line retro-ness of bridal Spring fashion.

Find the right color to pair with your wedding style and tone. A daytime brunch may ask for shimmery pale pink, where an evening soiree may mean a deeper color.

The trick is to keep the color big on the cheeks, and light everywhere else. Don’t let those rosy cheeks compete with a bold red lip or cat eyed liner.

Low Knots


Low and loose is the way to wear your hair for Spring weddings.

We love how versatile the low knot look is for brides. If you’re going for ultra-glam, wear a low knot sleek and elegant. Incorporate the braid trend into your wedding knot for a boho-chic look.

This look works well for a variety of hair textures as well, making the style an option for any bride. Your wedding hairstylist can guide you in the right direction for your hair and ultimate wedding day style.



We know what you’re thinking…flaws? A trend? Hear us out.

Flaws as a trend simply means embracing your own unique beauty. Freckles across the face. A front tooth gap that he loves. That’s what flawed beauty is all about.

This trend is less about minimizing your flaws and more about embracing them. Major beauty lines everywhere are celebrating models of all kinds. So even though you want the perfect wedding day, don’t fear walking down the aisle with less-than “perfect” beauty that is truly you.