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Spring Wedding Fashion Trends for 2021

Ah, Springtime. The weather gets warmer, the trees begin to bloom and everything feels fresh and new. We’ve got the latest in Spring Trends in both bridal and menswear fashion to get you dreaming of your Spring wedding 2021 and beyond.

Shorter Hemlines

Coming off recent years of trailing wedding trains and long, lace veils, hemlines are starting to rise again. Shorter hemlines have graced the runways recently ranging from charming tea length dresses to white mini skirts. As couples turn to civil ceremonies and garden weddings, the ceremony has become less about fuss and more of a ‘let’s please just do this already’ vibe.

As couples have rebooked their ceremony time and again, they may be looking at days and times other than a Saturday evening as venues are beginning to book up once again. A Saturday or Sunday brunch or afternoon ceremony is a great occasion for an A-line, tea-length dress. A Friday night ceremony followed by a cocktail reception is the perfect time to rock a white-cocktail style dress.

And the men? Shorter cropped suit pants continue to be in style and add a modern twist to his look. The trick on this look is one or two options: splurge on luxury socks, or go sockless. Anything in between doesn’t give those ankles justice. 

Simple Lines

Clean, sleek lines and architectural details will always be sophisticated and elegant. 

These wedding gowns focus on details such as interesting necklines, the cut of the skirt and high-quality fabric to bring the gown to life. What we love about this look is that it isn’t regulated to weddings of a certain time of day or level of formality. The clean look is graceful and stylish at a high-end evening reception, fetching and smart for a daytime affair, and can work for weddings indoor and out.


On the opposite end from all this simplicity is the full-on, no holds back glamour look of the 1920’s. And seeing as the Roaring Twenties followed the last pandemic, it makes sense. After date reschedules and pent-up desires for a great party, some couples are going big.

To avoid looking too costumey, you’ll want to keep this look focused on the fashion details that made up the era, rather than a straight interpretation. Look for heavy beading, but avoid pairing it with a straight 20’s boxy dress and instead opt for a dramatic length gown or clean lines. Kacey Schultz with Lace & Grace Bridal Boutique recommends adding a sparkle tulle to your gown for just that right touch of glitz, which can be done at their local bridal boutique. This look is all about opulence, glitz and a bit of playful skin. Lux fabrics in long, draping styles gives any look instant glamour.

The look is ideal for Spring as bridesmaids dresses can be worn in the blush, pale blue, and silver tones of the era. For extra impact, choose gowns in a palate range rather than the same color for each bridesmaid. Just like your bridal gown, avoid a straight flapper look and embrace the romance of the era with long, draping dress styles.

…and Gangsters

For the men the look is all about evoking the masculinity of the era. We’re seeing the re-emergence of the classic three-piece suit, updated in modern Spring tones of blues, gray and tan. A well-fitting three-piece suit for the groom and groomsmen can look sophisticated enough for an evening wedding, but more fashionable and contemporary than a standard tuxedo. 

And don’t forget to complete the look with the right accessories. Trends in groom and groomsmen accessories are on the rise this year, extending beyond pocket squares and cool socks to the pocket watches and suspenders popular in the 1920’s. The final look is strapping, sophisticated and oozing a major cool factor.

I mean, who doesn’t want to marry a Peaky Blinder on their wedding day?


We hear you: Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

But we’re talking wedding floral fashion the likes of which you haven’t seen. Floral motifs have made the leap from touches of bridal accessories to brides opting for full floral wedding gowns. Bridesmaids dresses are also appearing in head to toe floral designs, livening up the typical go-to pink and pale blue Spring wedding fashion designs. We recommend choosing full-on floral designs for either your wedding gown or the bridesmaids dresses. Too much print in one shot may make your photos look busy and distracting. Follow this same guideline for the grooms and groomsmen. 

The floral trend doesn’t end with the dresses. Menswear for grooms, tuxedo-wearing brides and groomsmen style are adding bold touches of floral from floral ties, to shirts or even full floral suits.

If you’re incorporating floral into your fashion motif, be sure to let your florist know. They’ll likely ask you questions regardless about your colors and style for the wedding. You won’t want the bouquets and boutonnieres to compete with the gowns and suits. 


Now this is the headgear we truly want to wear. Think white tophats with little veils, intricate beaded floral headpieces, and gilded leaves fashioned into a gold crown.

Your local wedding dress shop will help you start your look by getting information on the season, color palate, style and formality of your wedding. These details will help to focus your search on the right wedding gown style. Once the dress is chosen, it’s all about the accessories. Long, romantic dresses are ideal with metallic toned wreaths, regal A-line gowns call for a tiara, and a smart, sophisticated wedding dress is finished perfectly with a jaunty little hat. 

Though we’re finding this trend primarily in bridalwear, smaller but still intricate headpieces are also being adorned by bridesmaids. We recommend brides start with their own look and fashion bridesmaids headpieces to follow.

Big Wedding Trains

One trend Kacey Schultz with Lace & Grace is also seeing is BIG TRAINS.

Schultz tells us that the trains add drama and a “wow” factor to any wedding gown. These statement-making pieces can be added to your existing wedding dress and these days are typically removable, allowing for better movement later on the dance floor. Selecting a gown without a removable train? Consider a costume change.

With the many wedding date postponements by couples this last year, brides and grooms are optimizing their day by choosing multiple outfits to wear at different moments of the celebration. 

Some brides choose to do a small, private ceremony and want to show off the wedding gown they wore on that occasion. Additionally, they have their eye on something more glamorous and opulent for their full-scale wedding. Why not both? A gown for the ceremony, one for the reception…throw in a cocktail dress for the late night party and the wait for your wedding day may not feel so bad.

Check out the website for our featured contributor, Lace & Grace Bridal Boutique.