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Winter Wedding Beauty Trends

We may not typically have a winter wonderland in Texas (and after last year, do we really want one?!), but that doesn’t mean couples don’t love to plan winter weddings in Texas. Whether they are creating their own wonderland with light tones and piles of white, or embracing the deeper tones of the season, winter weddings in Texas remain popular.

To achieve the ultimate Snow Queen look for all our winter brides, we’ve pulled together the top 2022 Winter Wedding Beauty Trends to think about as you plan your own winter wedding.

Hair Pearls

The new beauty bridal trends are all about updating the classic. And nothing says classic like pearls.

For winter wedding beauty, pearls are adorning wedding hairstyles of all kinds. A tight chignon with a few tucked-in pearl accents, a long-loose look pulled back with a pearl clip or a full-on pearl tiara all are making a statement.

Pearls add instant posh to any bridal hairstyle. Even a few stray pearls strategically placed can make an impact.

We love pearls for winter weddings in particular as they remind us of little fallen snowflakes or images of an elegant snow queen.

Old Hollywood Glam Hair

The biggest trend in bridal hairstyles is all about old-school elegance. Think black and white movies with starlets draped across a fainting couch, draped in a Halston gown.

Nailing this bridal hairstyle is all about shine. Work with your hairdresser prior to the wedding day to discuss glossing options or pre-wedding day hair care to achieve maximum shine. 

The Old Hollywood can bring back styles from a variety of decades, so take your pick between wavy 1940’s styles to the flowing locks of the 50’s.

Purple Eyeshadow

Just like many bridal beauty trends, brides are going bold in their eyeshadow color. And our favorite bridal beauty trend for winter weddings is purple eyeshadow.

Your purple eyeshadow can be as dramatic or subtle as your own personal style. Color options range from low-key mauves to in-your-face bright orchid. Work with your makeup artist to talk skin-tone, considering your skin will likely be paler in the winter time.

This makeup style looks especially trendy alongside winter wedding colors such as plum, champagne and deep navy.

Bold Lips

It’s time to loosen those lips!

Brides planning for their 2022 winter wedding are excited for one must-have accessory to not be on their list – a mask. As adorable as high-quality wedding masks have gotten, no bride wants to cover up their beautiful smile.

And in 2022, that smile will be even bolder with bright, bold lips being our top wedding beauty trend.

Though the bold statement lip is going to make an appearance all year long in 2022, we especially love it worn for winter weddings. A bright pop of color against an otherwise muted makeup landscape makes for maximum impact.

Bold lips can definitely sport a classic red. Especially when paired with our other favorite trend, glamorous Hollywood Hair. But bold lips go way beyond red. Think bright fuschia, deep burgundy, or orangey coral.