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Getting Fit to be Wed

You've found your dream wedding gown, only its not quite perfect yet. Virtually every bridal gown will require alterations to give you the custom fit you want for your wedding day.

  • Begin thinking about alterations when you purchase the gown. Ask your consultant how intensive she thinks the alterations will be and if she can give you an estimate on how much they will cost. Since most shops do not have a seamstress on staff they may not be able to quote you an exact figure, but they will have an idea.
  • Allow anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months for alterations. The more intense the alterations are, the more time that is needed. The most experienced fitters typically book months out. Bridesmaids dresses will take about 4 weeks, again depending on the alterations needed.
  • Ask your dress consultant for recommendations on who to use for the alterations. Making changes to a wedding gown require skill and experience most tailors don't have. Altering a wedding gown can involve boning, linings and hems in a variety of different fabrics.
  • Be sure to take your shoes and undergarments (including petticoats) to all fittings.
  • Expect to have several fittings depending on the complexity of the alterations.
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