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Photo Booths & Flipbooks

It seems everyone is looking for a new and different kind of wedding favor. Two of the latest trends are photo booths and photo flipbooks.


Photo booths bring a touch of fun to your reception. Guests can select black and white or color photo strips, several poses per session. Photos can also be customized with a logo or graphic, such as a monogram.

In 15 seconds photo booths give guests a great keepsake. Or, the photos can be used to help create a picture guest book.

Photo booths vary in style from the large, ‘50s-style enclosed booth to sleeker, more modern designs. Each has its own requirements (electricity, access, etc.) so be sure to check with your venue to determine which type of booth works best for you. The larger, heavier booths work best on ground floor venues, while the smaller, more modern set ups can be used almost anywhere.


With flipbooks, guests interact with each other using fun props to create a series of photos in a 10 foot x 10 foot studio setting. In about two minutes, images are compiled into a flipbook that mimics motion as the pages are flipped. With the use of green screens, any backdrop can be put in the book.

With both items the process is the same as that used by professional photographers, so the photos last. Also, since both photo booths and flipbooks are based on digital photography, all the photos are recorded and electronic files can be provided for your use after the event.

Whether you choose flipbooks or a photo booth, you’ll be giving your guests a favor they will never forget.

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