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Theme Weddings

How many times have you been standing at a good friend’s wedding, albeit having a good time, but you couldn’t tell it from the other good friend’s wedding that you attended last weekend? Want to make your wedding stand out? Select a theme. Here are some ideas.

A special place. Did he pop the question in Mexico? Do you both love the mountains? Use that as your décor.

Special interests. If you both have theatrical backgrounds then choose your favorite piece of work by Shakespeare or Rodgers and Hammerstein and build your day around it.

Heritage. Display your pride in your heritage or ethnicity. Host an English Tea Party. Use plaid and hire bagpipes if you’re Scottish. If you’re family is from Spain, serve paella and hire flamenco dancers.

Favorite Show/Movie. Television buffs could host a We Love Lucy Party. Imagine recreating Ricky’s nightclub, the Tropicana, with everything in black and white and shades of gray and your favorite episodes on screens around the room. Work in some Technicolor reds (Lucy’s hair), some pink tulle and hearts (from the opening sequence).

A moment in time. Even something as simple as an era can be the perfect theme for your wedding. Go for an Art Deco design. Want something a little more vintage? Antique lace table clothes can make a lovely backdrop for photos. Love to dance? How about a disco ball and lighted dance floor.

Build on holidays. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Equinoxes.

Where you are or where you are going. Theme weddings do not have to be elaborate to wow. Having a casual outdoor wedding? Consider bales of hay and wild-flowers in tin coffee pot centerpieces as décor. Planning on going to Paris for the honeymoon? Serve French food and use post cards from the city as table signs. Guests might be sat at the Eiffel Tower or Louvre table.

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