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Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party has become a staple in the series of events leading up to the wedding day. And for good reason! It’s the perfect excuse to take a break from the pressures of wedding planning, let loose, and form continued bonds with your wedding party.

Bachelorette parties have come a long way from naughty cakes and pink balloons. Nights planned with multiple stops, weekends in wine country, and trips to all-inclusive resorts are now the norm. 

Each bride needs to decide what works best for them. As much as a weekend in Ibiza may sound fabulous, the stress of planning a full-scale vacation may be more than you’re prepared to handle. This is especially true if your engagement is shorter than a year. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed trying to live up to other's expectations.

This is where your maid of honor steps in. Sit down with her and have an open, honest discussion about what you’d like for your bachelorette party. She may have her heart set on a blow-out event, where you prefer a low-key weekend. Alternately, you may envision the Bahamas, where she may feel intimidated with the planning details. An open conversation early on will help avoid tension down the road.

Either way, be realistic in your maid of honor’s ability to plan party details and travel. If it’s not her strong suit, enlist another bridesmaid to assist. Within every bridal party, there’s always an uber-planner in the group! Put those task-master tendencies to work.

A great bachelorette party can be just as fun and successfully hosted in one night. Grab a limo, plan a private rooftop dinner and follow with booking a VIP lounge at a club. 

If you prefer relaxation over the party vibe, head to a spa resort for the weekend. Massages overlooking the pool, wine tasting sessions, and plenty of laughter may be all you need to recharge your batteries on the way to the altar.

Like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties are no longer held the night before the wedding. Longer trips typically take place a month or two prior to the wedding. This leaves plenty of time to get back home and dive into the final details. Weekend or one-night events are usually hosted two weeks in advance of the wedding date.

Ultimately, the bachelorette party is all about celebrating a new chapter with your girlfriends. Make it meaningful to you, keep an open communication, and have a good planner for the details. If you do, you’ll have a night...or a remember.

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