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Bouquet Tips

The size, style and even color of your bridal bouquet is dictated by a number of things. Keep these tips in mind while picking your bouquet.

  • Style of gown. Long stemmed, formal bouquets (cascade, arm presentation, crescent) go well with formal, fuller gowns. One exception: If the “wow” factor of your gown is the skirt and its embellishment, a shorter bouquet won’t hide those special items.
  • Season. While its your wedding and nothing is written in stone, Spring weddings usually use pastel colors/flowers; Winter uses bold; Fall uses warm tones and summer weddings call for bright colors.
  • Color Pitfalls. If you are wearing an all while dress, an all-white bouquet can get lost in photos. Darker colored blooms, such as deep blues and purples, can look like black holes in wedding photos.
  • Your body. Generally taller or more full figured brides are going to look better carrying larger/ longer bouquets. Shorter, petite women would do well to go with small bouquets.
  • Your style. Pick flowers/colors that have special meaning to you (Ivy for fidelity; Yellow irises for passion; red roses for love.)

Once you’ve decided on the perfect bouquet, think about personalizing it by adding a memento or two. Your grandmother’s brooch or a photo charm can be added to the wrapping or use a strip of your mother’s wedding dress or the dress you wore when you got engaged.

Still not sure what you want? Trust your florist. They have the knowledge and experience to steer you in the right direction.

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