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Bridesmaids' Dress Tips

Are you finding it difficult to pick out one dress that all of your bridesmaids love?

Different body types, skin tone, hair color, and personal style all lead to every bridesmaid having a different opinion on what they want to wear to your wedding. The most recent trend in bridesmaid fashion is allowing the bridesmaid to choose her own dress or wear a convertible gown.

You can allow your bridesmaids to choose a flattering style for them while still achieving cohesive look by following these simple guidelines.

  • If your bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, try selecting a specific color, manufacturer, or fabric so your attendants can pick a silhouette that flatters them best. Neutral colors give mismatched dresses a more unified look than any other color.
  • Choose a color palette that matches the mood of your wedding. Try using shades of one color to create a soft umbrae effect or use every color of the rainbow to create a bold vibrant look. Match the array of shades in the dresses to the flowers and groomsmen’s attire.
  • If you give your bridesmaids complete creative freedom on their attire use buzzwords as guidelines for when they are shopping. Words like elegant, girly, vintage, modern, retro, and classic will help create a cohesive yet mismatched look that matches the mood of your wedding.
  • Worried your bridal party will look too chaotic? Adding coordinating accessories will help give your bridesmaids a unified look. Little extras can go a long way. Jewelry, clutches, shoes, and bouquets can all be used to help bring together your bridal party look. Make coordinating sashes as a gift for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day.
  • Convertible dresses offers one dress but multiple different wearable styles. A Manhattan-based company, Twobirds, offers four gorgeous convertible gowns in more than 20 vibrant colors. In addition to a convertible gown, the company Henkaa has a mix-and-match skirt “and convertible bandeau collection that offers an endless array of customizable dresses.
  • If you know your bridesmaids are on a tight budget, a wallet-friendly solution is to rent. Little Borrowed Dress is the first online wedding boutique to offer rentable bridesmaids dresses. The dresses come in a variety of colors and styles, all with built-in adjustment points for a custom fit without needing a tailor
  • If you let your bridesmaid pick out her own dress, make sure you see the dress long before your wedding day. You want to have an idea of what your bridesmaids will look like once they are all together. Make sure the dresses and accessories compliment each other and more importantly compliment the bride.
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