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Bridesmaids holding flowers. How to pick a bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids' Dress Tips

Your bridesmaids will all have different body types, skin tones, hair colors, and personal styles. This is a big reason why it’s become nearly standard for each bridesmaid to have input on their dress. A range of colors or a variety of silhouettes that works best for them is the new norm.

You can let all your bridesmaids choose a flattering style for them while still achieving a cohesive look by following some simple guidelines.

  • If your bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, allow them to pick the silhouette that flatters them best. Pregnant bridesmaids will be able to have a little more coverage. Young bridesmaids may be happy to sport spaghetti straps. By selecting a unifying color or fabric, you’ll achieve a consistent look while letting your bridesmaids feel their best.
  • When allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dress style, be mindful of the overall look. If only one bridesmaid opts for tea-length and the rest are long, you’ll lose that seamless look. This is the same if only one has long sleeves, or another is the only one in ruffles. Let them have input, but guide the final selections.
  • Striking prints in bridesmaids dresses are gaining popularity. Romantic floral motifs or elegant stripes make an impact with bold styling. You can still allow for a variety of silhouettes with these gowns as well, as the print will be front and center.
  • The ombre effect in bridesmaids’ dresses is both beautiful and flexible. Using a range of shades in your wedding color allows bridesmaids to pick a color that flatters them best. 
  • Think in terms of your entire wedding party, not just the bridesmaids. If you’re choosing a color range rather than an exact shade, pick up the effect in the groomsmen's attire as well. For example, the men can wear the same color shirt but have a tie that matches the shade of their paired bridesmaid. 
  • Worried your bridal party will look too chaotic? Adding coordinating accessories will help give your bridesmaids a unified look. Little extras can go a long way. Jewelry, clutches, shoes, and bouquets can all be used to help bring together your bridal party look. 
  • To further achieve a unified look, don’t forget to think through your floral choices as well. If going with the ombre look, do the same with the bridesmaids’ bouquets. For bold colors or prints, keep the bouquets straight forward and undistracting. Boutonniere's follow the same guidelines, the more elaborate the shirt, tie and pocket square, the simpler the floral should be. 
  • As much as your bridesmaids will appreciate a say in their dress, they’ll appreciate an upfront conversation regarding costs just as much. Before you begin shopping, have a candid conversation with your bridesmaids on the price range they should expect. And don’t forget to factor in alterations costs as well.

By incorporating these suggestions, your wedding party will have a modern, yet timeless feel that will look amazing in all the pictures from your big day. But always remember, this is your wedding so if you want to keep it classic with all of your bridal party wearing the same dress, you do you!

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