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Fresh Vs. Frozen

When it comes to the cake, which is better — fresh or frozen?

Many bakers freeze their cakes for two to three days before the wedding. This is especially true of bakers who often have several weddings on one weekend.

Don’t let the idea of a frozen wedding cake scare you. Generally, if frozen properly, most people can not tell the difference between a fresh or previously frozen cake. Ask your baker if they freeze their cakes. Many find it easier to decorate and stack frozen cakes. If they freeze their cakes, ask about their methods. Ask how long the cake will take to thaw; are the fillings frozen; and if they freeze the cakes before or after icing them. Also ask that if they freeze their cakes that you have previously frozen cake at your tasting.

When all is said and done, what matters is the taste. If you are happy with the taste of your cake, don’t worry about how it is created, just that it gives you all the flavor and freshness you are seeking.

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