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Guests Tell All

Every wedding couple wants their guests to have a wonderful time at their wedding. After all, a wedding is a happy occasion and in most cases means a terrific party!

Like most parties, however, some weddings are more enjoyable than others. Some tips to keep in mind when planning your reception, courtesy of veteran wedding guests:

Serve an entrée most people like, or at least recognize.

Guests often enjoy trying something new, but most prefer exotic or unusual dishes be served as part of the appetizers rather than the main course.

Remember your single guests.

Single guests often feel panic when receiving an invitation addressed to “Jane Smith and Date.” Find out in advance of sending the invitations whether or not the guest has a significant other. If so, address the invitation to both. If you are unsure, address the invitation to the guest only. You can follow up with a phone call to let them know they are welcome to bring a date, if they like.

Don’t play loud music throughout the reception.

Guests find it extremely frustrating to try and talk over loud music. Keep music at a low, background level during the meal so guests can converse. You can always turn the volume up when it’s time to dance.

Relax and enjoy yourselves.

Guests generally have a better time if you are having a good time. Accept the fact that once the reception has begun, it’s too late to worry about what might or might not happen. Everyone who has ever been to a wedding will attest to the fact that the more fun the bridal couple is having, the more fun everyone will have.

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