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Hiring a DJ

How in the world do you hire a DJ? You have never hired one before and probably will only hire one once in your whole life. What are the things to look for when selecting your DJ?

Of the many expenditures for your wedding, the DJ will probably be the one that most affects your event positively or negatively. The majority of your guests will never know how good (or bad) your photographer was, but they will certainly experience your DJ throughout the reception, and the ceremony if the DJ will be providing your wedding music.


  • You should meet your DJ in advance. See how your DJ’s personality meshes with yours. Feeling comfortable with your DJ is important. At this time you can usually find out how professional the DJ is.
  • Look for DJs that have experience with weddings. You do not need a DJ who specializes in frat parties at your wedding!
  • Check references. Ask to speak with former customers and local wedding vendors that recommend this DJ. Wedding vendors are a great resource to find other great wedding vendors because they see the good, bad, and ugly.
  • Book in advance. The more professional DJ companies book 6 to 12 months in advance. Don’t save the DJ as your last vendor to book.
  • Look at their music list and make sure your DJ will play what YOU want and won’t play any type of music you don’t like. Provide music that they do not have. Get in writing any agreements made regarding what music is to be played and when, including the ceremony, if the DJ is providing the music for that also. The itinerary, music, and special details need to be worked out in advance. You do not need to worry about these details the night of your wedding! Choose a DJ that will help move the event along. Your DJ should help emcee and keep events flowing.
  • Ask about a back-up plan if the DJ has an emergency.
  • Ask if they have played at your facility before.
  • If your DJ is to provide your ceremony music, can he provide a wireless microphone system for your minister? This is especially important for large guest lists or outdoor events so that everyone can hear clearly what is being said. Nothing is more frustrating than attending a wedding and not being able to hear.
  • If your DJ is to provide ceremony music AND reception music for two different locations, find out how this will be accomplished and with what equipment. Do not hire a DJ to set up a system at the church and then find out he is rushing to tear it down and move it to the next facility. Your guests should not be watching a DJ set up his equipment.
With a little time and effort, you’ll find the perfect DJ to make your wedding everything you hoped.
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