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Ice Sculptures

Want a true one-of-kind d├ęcor piece at your wedding? Consider an ice sculpture. Just think, once it has melted away no one will ever see that exact look again.

How can you use ice sculptures or carvings? Consider these ideas. The centerpiece or food holder on your cold food buffet; A vodka drink luge gives your guests a fun experience; Custom-carved craft drink ice cubes.

Ice carvings and drink luges start at about $325 (including delivery and set up). Custom ice cubes cost about $2 each and usually have a minimum order of 100.

The sculptures, which are usually cut from a 40 x 20 x 10 inch block, will last about 5 to 6 hours indoors. Outdoors in the summer, under cover, the details will begin melting off after about 4 hours, although the general shape will last much longer.

Most sculptures are easily taken down after the event without special staff. Keep in mind, however, they do need to be maintained during an event. The drain bucket needs to be emptied, usually about every 90 minutes or so.

When planning your reception layout, place your ice sculpture close to electricity.

As with most wedding services, ordering earlier is better. Popular wedding months do fill quickly and there are a limited number of sculptures most shops can do in a particular weekend. When you are deciding on your catering is a great time to think about the ice sculpture.

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