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Look Picture Perfect

For many brides, it’s all about the wedding photos, and with good reason. Wedding photographs are lovely and permanent reminders of a grand day in the lives of families. It’s a physical reflection of the endless promise of love, partnership, and commitment to the future. So, of course, women want to look perfect hanging on the wall!

Here are some really important guide-lines to help you look phenomenal when considering your dress, skin and hair:


Ever gazed at a wedding photograph from the 1980s and thought, “Yikes!?” In the ‘80s, they looked just fine, in fact, maybe even gorgeous and sophisticated. When choosing your hair style, makeup, and dress, consider that certain trends that seem normal and beautiful today, may look silly in 10 years.
Be wary of trends and navigate away from looks that will go out of style quickly. Skip the funky hair colors, shocking hemlines, and daring make up.
You want to be proud of your wedding pictures, not ashamed of that painfully out-of-date trend that is now a perma-nent representation of your vows.


Makeup artists and photographers don’t carry a magic wand and you don’t want to be the “photoshopped” bride. Consider that it takes a minimum of 3 months to get most skin problems under control with the help of licensed
experts and quality products so start early. Taking the time and investing in professional treatments for your skin can make the world of difference in the final outcome of your photographs.
If budget constraints don’t allow for monthly facials, most spas offer a free consultation and can recommend the home care products for a do-it-yourself option.


Every lady wants to look as fit as possible for the big day, and it is no surprise that this isn’t an overnight accomplishment.
There are countless weight loss and fitness plans for brides-to-be to choose from and it’s important to find a realistic plan for you and to avoid crash/fad diets that promise the moon.
On average, it can take up to 3 weeks of diligent exercise and dieting before you can see and feel a physical difference. If you stay on track with a healthy regimen, you can safely lose 2 lbs. a week. Make sure that you schedule your weight loss goals into your life and into your dress fittings. Set time aside for working out and even for when you allow yourself to cheat!


Remember that your photographs don’t have to be super traditional to be beautiful. Take some time to brainstorm with your photographer and family/friends on different poses. Consider the following variables to create unique and inspirational wedding photographs.

  • Ask questions about your photography venue. What kind of flowers are in season when you marry? Are there any greenbelts in the vicinity that have a particularly large population of beautiful plants, trees, or flowers?
  • Action shots are fantastic. Incorporate some pictures where you jump, run, and leap around. You will be surprised how amazing some of these turn out.
  • What are the ages and heights of the wedding party? Can you create a fun dimensional arrangement with everybody? Try exploring different ideas and have fun with it.
  • Schedule a photography trial session with the photographer where you simply play around with your ideas. It may cost you a little extra, but it will let you know how creative, flexible and versatile your photographer is willing to be and help you feel more comfortable with them. This will help you get avoid cookie-cutter pics.


It is not uncommon for brides to risk their photographs or to have to postpone them due to a poor decision during the last few days before the wedding. Sunburns and hangovers don’t translate well in pictures and are easy to prevent.
You have every right to be excited and indulge in some celebratory pre-partying, but keep the days immediately before your wedding as sacred, healthy days with these tips:

  • Choose foods packed with nutrients that are low in preservatives and salt. Limit your alcohol and sugar, and increase your super fruits, veggies, and lean meats. This will reduce break outs, puffiness under the eyes, and bloating.
  • Wear sunblock if you are going to spend time outdoors and remember to cover up at every chance.
  • Ask your maid-of-honor to schedule your bachelorette party a couple weeks before the wedding, instead of a couple days prior.
  • Avoid trying new skin care treatments, make up lines, or exotic foods that aren’t time tested for you. The last thing you need to deal with is bad reaction to a new perfume or a botched spray tan.

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