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Mission: Beautiful Photos

One of San Antonio’s most unique attractions, next to the Riverwalk, are its historic missions.

Overseen by the San Antonio National Historical Park, the Missions of San Antonio include: The Alamo (Mission San Antonio de Valero), Mission Concepción, Mission San José, Mission San Juan, Mission Espada.

  • The Alamo, located downtown, is most likely San Antonio’s most famous mission. While most of the original grounds and building have long disappeared, the central church remains, plus various outbuildings still remain and are now used as a museum.
  • Mission Concepción
    807 Mission Road; Church: (210) 533-8955
    The mission was relocated to San Antonio in 1731 from east Texas. With an attractively aged appearance of the central church, which is distinctly Spanish in design, has needed very little restoration over the years.
  • Mission San José
    607 San José Drive; Church: (210) 922-0543
    This is the largest and best preserved of the five missions in San Antonio. Founded in 1720, the mission is currently surrounded in most directions by trees and grassland along the river, providing an unspoiled picture of how it looked nearly 300 years ago.
  • Mission San Juan
    9101 Graf Road; Church: (210) 534-3161
    One of the smaller mission complexes in the area, the church has a distinctive look, including the simple bell tower, typical of Mexico. The church is also smaller than most of the other missions and overall is muted in appearance.
  • Mission Espada
    10040 Espada Road; Church: (210) 627-2064
    The southernmost church, it is surrounded by woodlands in a rural setting, although it is just yards away from a highway. Mission Espada is the oldest mission in Texas, originally founded in 1690. In 1731 it was moved to its present location.

The missions make excellent backdrops for brides to take their bridal portraits. Portraits taken at the missions offer a distinctive and elegant look that is symbolic of San Antonio. Bridal portraits and wedding photography may require advance reservations. Check with your photographer.

Arrangements for wedding ceremonies inside one of the Mission churches are made directly through the individual mission’s parish. For more information as to how you can gain access to one of the missions, contact:

San Antonio Missions NHP
Headquarters (210) 534-8833
Visitor Center (210) 932-1001
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