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Photo Booths

Photo Booths

Photo booths bring so much fun to your reception! They provide an alternative form of entertainment that all guests can enjoy while also providing a keepsake and memories that will last forever.

When selecting a photo booth, you have many options to consider. Will you have traditional photo booth strips or a 3x5 photo? Do you want your guests to be able to choose between color or black & white photos? How about boomerangs and GIFs? What kind of backdrop do you want? Should you get custom props? Having all these different options is nice but can also be overwhelming. Good news is we’re going to give you all the info you need to make the best decision for your big day.

Before you decide on the details, you should know some basics about the different types of photo booths out there so you don’t fall in love with one style to later find out that it won’t work in the space you have at your venue.

  • Traditional: Think old school arcade style photo booth that you walk into and close the curtain to snap your shots. This 90s throwback brings tons of good feelings and nostalgia but can take up a decent amount of floor space.
  • Open Air: This is one of the most common styles you’ll see at events today because they have a small footprint while giving you many options. Choose the perfect backdrop to pose in front of or go with a green screen that transports your guests to a different location. You can also find a slow-motion option with some of these.
  • Mirror: This is just what it sounds like, a huge mirror that takes your photo, and is an extremely popular choice. It typically takes up a little more space than an open-air booth but not as much as others.  
  • Roamers: This is one of the newer options out there and turns your entire reception into a giant photo booth backdrop. An operator will walk around with a portable photo booth taking pictures of your guests. The operator is extremely important with this option since their movement and interaction can be the difference between 25 photos and 125 photos.
  • 360: One of the most unique options! Stand in the middle and the camera spins around you taking footage that is typically turned into a boomerang or GIF style video. This one will typically need a 10’ x 10’ space at the minimum so make sure it works at your venue.
  • Inflatable: Walk into a big inflated photo booth to take pictures with a big group while still offering some privacy. It also looks really nice lit up when it gets dark but, in most cases, you will also need at least a 10’ x 10’ space for this one too.
  • Trailer, Bus or Van: Although you will find other versions of this, the most common ones you will see are the classic VW bus or the Airstream. Obviously, it will take up a lot of space and will most likely need to be outdoors. But for real, how groovy is this option?

With several of these styles of photo booths, you will be choosing a backdrop and props and the possible options are endless. Most photo booth companies will have a variety of both backdrops and props to choose from and they will more than likely offer custom options. You will also find choices for digital props and green screen backdrops depending on the company and type of photo booth. Ask questions to ensure you know which selections come with the packages offered and which are upgrades. Customizing your backdrop and props might cost a little more but is probably worth thinking about because it will help you, your family and your friends create the most amazing memories on your wedding night.

Here are a few more items you will probably want to talk to your photo booth vendor about.

  • In many cases, photos can be sent to guests immediately for social media sharing.
  • Some options include photo strips, some include rectangular photos, some don’t include print and are only digital.
  • Your photos can often be customized with a monogram and include your wedding date and hashtag.
  • In addition to giving guests a great keepsake, the photos can be used to create a scrapbook from your wedding including notes from your guests right next to their pictures.

Whatever you end up deciding on, including a photo booth at your wedding will provide countless memories of the best night of your life. And probably numerous laughs when you look through all the funny pictures and videos of your loved ones for the first time!

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