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Preserving Your Gown

Your wedding gown will undoubtedly be the most beautiful dress you ever buy and probably the most expensive. Before purchasing your gown we suggest you inspect it carefully and check the cleaning and storage requirements.

Wedding gowns are usually decorated with beads, sequins, lace and other ornate trim. This decorative trim may cause problems during cleaning. At the time of purchase you may want to ask the retailer for any suggested cleaning procedures that may come with the gown since many gowns don’t even have a care label attached.

After the wedding your gown should be cleaned and protected for future use. For best results have your gown cleaned within the next several weeks. Remember the longer stains and soil are left in your dress the greater the probability of their becoming permanently embedded.

At the cleaners, brides should share any experiences like someone spilled champagne in a certain area of the gown. Dry cleaning solvents do not remove food and beverages. Such stains must be pretreated with special cleaners before the garment is immersed in solvents. If invisible stains aren’t pretreated they will become set with the heat of dry cleaning.

Perspiration and alcohol are water soluble and won’t be removed completely by dry cleaning solvents unless they are pretreated. Alcohol dries clear but the sugar found in alcohol turns brown with age.

When the wedding is over definitely have your gown cleaned and placed in a dust-proof, acid-free box suitable for storage. This will preserve the delicate laces, beading and fabric of your wedding ensemble. Store your boxed gown in an area that is cool and dry.

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