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World famous make-up artists tell us, “To produce beautiful make-up, you must first start with impeccably clean skin.” Begin with a good esthetician for beautiful, radiant skin.

Your hair, skin, make-up, and nails are just as important as your wedding dress. Your face is like a blank canvas and it takes an artist to produce the right colors, texture, and tone. Here are some tips to help make you a beautiful bride.

  • Weddings are stressful. Schedule massages regularly during your pre-wedding days. A variety of massage techniques are available to help you remain cool and calm.
  • Part of your total beauty care is a manicure. Your hands must be soft, your cuticles and nails beautifully trimmed and polished when you greet your guests in the receiving line.
  • Paraffin treatments will soften both your hands and feet.
  • A pedicure makes your feet feel wonderful. The color of polish you choose should be coordinated with your make-up; i.e., don’t use pink with red lipstick.
  • The final detail in being a beautiful bride is your hair.  It must shine and radiate health like your face and your eyes. Make an appointment months ahead with the best hair designer you can find.
  • If you are going to try a new color or perhaps a perm, try it out months before your wedding. You don’t want to try something new, only to find you don’t like it, just days or weeks before your wedding.
  • Meet with your hair stylist several weeks before your wedding to practice styles with your veil to get just the look you want.
  • If possible, invest in on-site hair and make-up experts. You’ll have one less errand to run the day of your wedding and will feel extremely pampered.
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