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Theme Weddings

The focus on planning your wedding should be all about what you and your partner truly want. If you want it to be untraditional and unique – perhaps y’all should focus on whether you’d like it to have a theme versus a style.

So, we consider a theme to be a specific topic or the “overall focus” that is being featured for the entirety of your special day… starting with your save the dates & invitations all the way to your grand exit.

Now as for a style for your wedding, we consider this as a distinctive appearance; i.e. Modern, Rustic, Boho, and Vintage/Retro to name a few.

If you decide to go with a theme, the first step you and your fiancé must make is going to be focusing on the right venue and how it will reflect on the theme that you’ve chosen. Here are some of our themed thoughts…

Special interests. If you both have theatrical backgrounds then choose your favorite piece of work by Shakespeare, Hamilton or maybe you’re Harry Potter fans. Many rentals, décor, and lighting companies are able to help you with the setup of any of these ideas.

Heritage. Display your pride in your heritage or ethnicity.

  • For Germans, they have a wedding-eve-party known as Polterabend. The bridal couple hosts the party and guests are to bring porcelain & stoneware dishes to be broken and smashed to pieces! It is said, “Scherben bringen Glück”, shards supposedly bring good fortune to the couple’s marriage. Consider setting up your reception with skinny Biergarten-style tables that can seat many guests altogether. Serve a buffet of various wursts (sausage) & sauerkraut, pretzels & mustards, schnitzels, and spaetzle... and have many options of beer, wine & cocktails. The receptions have been known to go on for many, many hours.
  • For Spanish, some of the ceremony rituals are the groom presenting the bride with 13 coins to represent a dowry and the groom’s willingness to support his new bride. It is also customary for the couple to be wrapped in a lasso to signify their unity. For the reception, there is a bountiful selection of decadent foods. Typically, various tapas, cured meats & cheeses, gazpachos & ceviche, multiple fresh seafood dishes, and an abundant volume of sangria and wines are served. To complete traditions a dance named ‘seguidillas manchegas’ is performed by the couple and the guests.

Favorite Show/Movie. Television buffs could host a We Love Lucy reception. Imagine recreating Ricky’s nightclub, the Tropicana, with everything in black and white and shades of gray and your favorite episodes on screens around the room. Work in some Technicolor reds (Lucy’s hair), some pink tulle, and hearts (from the opening sequence).
OR think of the fun and excitement y’all could have with Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey, The Walking Dead theme, or how about your favorite Marvel Superheroes?!

A moment in time. Even something as simple as an era can be the perfect theme for a wedding.

  • Love the Roaring Twenties, how about the Great Gatsby look?! The vibe and overall décor should be luxurious, extravagant, yet free-spirited too. Encourage your guests to get involved and have them dress the part. Serve Gin Rickeys, Absinthe & Champagne, passed light hors d'oeuvres and most meats & potato dishes are ideal for the main meal. Plan to dance the night away with a Swing, Jazz, and/or Blues style band too. What a grand celebration it will be!
  • Did y’all find the 80’s to be just totally tubular or what?! Think about how gnarly your décor and lighting could be. Neon, bright, vivid colors EVERYWHERE! And definitely get your guests involved with a mandatory dress code. This means shoulder-padded taffeta and pouf dresses for the ladies and parachute pants, bomber jackets, or power suits for the guys. Being a bride, you’ll be such a betty! From big hair, big bows, big gowns, big puffy lace sleeves, and of course an extra-long, cathedral train … you’re all set. And as Billy Idol said in 1982, It’s a nice day for a “White Wedding”! Crank up those 80’s tunes!

Build on holidays & seasons. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Equinoxes.

Timeframes. Think about special moments and focus on the details …

  • Where have y'all been? If enjoying memorable beach time was your thing, bring that nautical, saltwater vibe out. Add beautiful accents using coral, starfish, shells, anchors, and lighthouses with shades of blues, teal, peach, and cream.
  • Where are you going? Planning on going to Paris for the honeymoon? Find a caterer who specializes in French-inspired dishes & have macarons for your favor boxes. Include roses and romantic blush tones to capture the feel of a classic Parisian Jardin (garden).

Décor is huge with themed weddings! Once your theme choice has been picked, talk to rental specialists to see what décor pieces and linens they have that may work with your theme. Consider buying items that could be reused for your home décor or possibly for a future special event.

Another place to integrate your theme is with your invitation. It is a must as it sets the tone on what is to be expected. And consider photo booths with themed props, incorporate interactive games, and include signature cocktails/mocktails with a matching inspired menu too.

We love themed weddings and can’t wait to see what you come up with. Remember to tag us on social media (@TexasWeddingGuideAustin & #ATXido / @TexasWeddingGuideSA & #idoSATX) and submit your special day for a possible feature on our Real Weddings page.

Happy Planning! 😊

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