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Unplugged Weddings

One of the signs popping up more and more at today’s weddings has one simple statement: “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony.”

Technology has allowed all of us to take amazing photos and videos with the cameras on our phones, but that does not make us professional photographers and videographers.

When a phone, or even worse a tablet, is sticking up in the air during your ceremony, it can actually obstruct the work of the photographer and videographer you’ve hired. We’ve seen the end result too many times. A professional photographer is actively taking a picture when a guest decides to try to snap a shot and unintentionally destroys the potentially stunning shot.

So, more and more couples are opting for an “unplugged” ceremony, making it clear on their wedding websites, in their invitations, by including signs at the ceremony entrance, notices on programs and even announcements from the officiant reminding guests to “unplug” and be present.


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