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Your Ceremony

During the course of planning your perfect wedding, you will make many decisions based on what tradition dictates.

One area of your wedding that is easily personalized is the ceremony. No longer do brides in formal white gowns have to walk down an aisle. Today marriages are conducted virtually anywhere, from parks and backyards to amusement park rides. Couples often choose a marriage location that represents how they met or mutual interests. Recently two senior citizens elected to marry at the department store where they met while employed. Periodically the news will carry stories of couples marrying while skydiving or even underwater.

You don’t have to go to that extreme to have a personalized ceremony. Many couples find meaningful ways to make the actual ceremony personalized. Some will choose a song that has special meaning (but be sure to check with your church for permission); others may select a special reading, for example.

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding ceremony uniquely yours is to write your own vows. These can be included in the regular ceremony after the traditional vows or in place of the vows. Many couples shy away from writing their own vows fearing it will be too difficult. You do not necessarily have to compose the vows. You may find a poem or a passage from a book that strikes a chord in your heart. You may want to write a letter to your partner outlining all the things he makes you feel, why you fell in love in the first place and what you see in your future. Once you have the feelings on paper you will be surprised to find writing your own vows is surprisingly easy.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t let tradition stop you from having a personal ceremony that is meaningful to you.

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