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Your Ceremony

Your Ceremony

Planning your wedding can be both fun and exciting. Finding the perfect venue, selecting your dream gown, and tasting wedding cake samples are all memorable moments in the process. With all the anticipation, one of the last aspects couples tend to tackle is the ceremony itself. And really, there is no wedding without the ceremony!

Ceremony planning often occurs later in the process largely because most couples find the task daunting, if not intimidating. They feel pressure to have perfectly written vows and include all the right details. Don’t fall into the trap of overthinking your ceremony. The ceremony itself can be as simple or elaborate as you and your partner want.

To get started planning your ceremony, begin with the traditional elements. Partners who are combining religious faiths may pull from both backgrounds and create a blended ceremony. Discuss with your priest or minister your options.

For more secular ceremonies, walk through the typical aspects with your partner and whomever is conducting your ceremony. Though it’s often fun to have a friend or family member be ordained online to do the honors, that may set you back if you're unsure of what you want in a ceremony. An experienced minister will be able to guide you with a variety of ceremony options.

Your typical ceremony will include a few traditional elements. The officiant addresses the guests. This may include a bit of backstory on you as a couple, or commentary on the sanctity of marriage. Next, any readings or songs will be performed. The officiant will then speak directly to the couple, and vows follow. Don’t feel pressured to write your own vows if you’re not up for it. Using traditional vows work just as well, and there is nothing in particular you are legally required to say in your vows either way.

After the vows, comes the ring exchange. This is an intimate and special part of your ceremony that is a part of virtually every wedding. That, and the kiss to follow.

Additional elements will follow the ring exchange, prior to the pronouncement and kiss. Jumping the broom, unity candles and sand ceremonies remain popular. When kids are involved, this is a good opportunity to incorporate any ceremony aspects that may include them.

Ultimately, the ceremony can be as traditional or unique as you and your partner would like it to be. Make it yours.

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