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Young Living Essential Oils - Brandi Barthels

Young Living Essential Oils - Brandi Barthels

San Antonio Beauty, Skin Care, Make-Up & Hair

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My mission is to help others who struggle with what you think is just part of life, who you are, and what you have been dealt with. There is hope. Let me help guide you to a healthier, more enjoyable, and fulfilling life.

My name is Brandi Brannan-Barthels. I have an amazing husband of 21 years and 3 children. I have lived a life in and out of doctor’s offices for both my daughter and myself. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2008 and my youngest daughter had daily headaches for 14 years of her life. As a good parent would do, I looked everywhere for relief for my child’s pain. We went to an eye, ear, teeth, back specialist, Neurologists, headache clinics, Texas Children’s Neurology department, headache specialist, Chiropractors, and Atlas Chiropractors. We did 2 rounds of physical therapy 3 days a week for 3 months, massage therapy, allergy testing, and much more. We tried every medicine to prevent headaches and for alleviating the pain once she got them, but none of this helped. We prayed to find something that would relieve her of her pain. I had pain in my hands, feet, and arms for years and I finally went to the doctor and said to put me on medications for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was sure that was what I had, but I later found out it was actually Lupus. The doctors gave me medicine, but they couldn’t tell me what was causing it. You can be genetically predisposed for it, but it has to be environmentally triggered.

We went on with life, Heather was in college and her roommate introduced her to a harsh chemical free living. It made a huge difference. I had no idea using candles all over the house, plug-ins in the bathroom, spray air fresheners, extra fabric softeners for smell could have so much effect on people lives. I’m happy to report I’m full of energy, not on any medicine, and I have no pain or headaches. Heather has also been rid of her headaches.

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