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Mapping TX

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About Us

Mapping TX evolved and officially launched on June 1, 2023. It is the parent company of Cake Mapping TX, Projection Mapping TX and Digital Mapping TX. We began by offering mapping services on cakes and continued to evolve our packaging with better projection methods and options for not only what was projected on the cake but additionally to include the style of the cake to achieve the best outcome to show your pictures or videos.

We can project on real cakes, however, once the cake is cut, the show is over. Therefore, we suggest using one of our featured Styrofoam cakes, so your show will last the entire event. We offer a traditional cake style and a signature alternative cake style pattern. Images can be mapped to cover all tiers, specific tiers, or specific areas. Our cake is designed with white multi-tiered squares, featuring five layers. We can map on one side, two sides or four sides of the cake. See photos on our website or on Pinterest at @MappingTx. We have 11x14 inch accent canvases that add to the scene options projected on the cake layers and related canvas surfaces set on each side of the cake. This increased photo options to include baby pics, teen moments, high school activities, college graduation, engagement photos or bridal portraits.

Our Projection Mapping services were developed as a result of the cake accent canvases. September 2022 launched our signature Floating Canvas Wall and Floating Canvas Collage pattern options. Projection mapping is a method of projecting text, your images or video onto a blank canvas. Projection Mapping Tx features various unique styles (unlike a traditional projector/screen or monitors) for your special day/event: the Floating Canvas Wall – three (3) large 24x36 inch canvases; or the Floating Canvas Collage – six (6) various sized canvases, with four (4) layout options to choose. See photos on our website or on Pinterest at @MappingTx.

Our Digital mapping services were developed as a result of our Floating Canvas Wall. The canvas wall presents an artsy presentation of your content. Our signature Mon-Art Series offers a high-tech and high-definition screen presentation on our signature sleek stands. The 55” screens can be mapped as a single, double, triple or quadruple set of monitors. We also have our signature custom Framed Portrait-Mon-Art including Framed Kademeli and our Milieu-Mon-Art options.

Transform your special event, such as - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events/parties, school events or celebrations, to include the celebration of life, by projection mapping your images on our cakes, canvases or screens, so they are showcased like never seen before. See photos and videos on our website or on Pinterest at @MappingTx. Call us directly to get specific details.

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