Texas Weddings
The Next Bridal Extravaganza Is In :
-19889 Days
December 31 & 16, 2024

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Load In Times: Wednesday December 31, 1969 -
Show Times: December 31 & 16, 2024 - Noon - 5 p.m.

Banners & Marketing Materials

Photo Panels

These 10-foot x 8-foot photo panels are placed around the hall, easily visible to the thousands of attendees, extending your visibility to other areas of the show floor.

Now, you can expose YOUR company to all this attention as a Photo Panel Sponsor.

It's Easy:
  • We'll help you find the perfect picture.
  • We'll handle the graphic design, adding your logo and website to the panel.
  • We'll handle the printing and delivery to the Bridal Extravaganza.
  • We'll set up the photo panel for you at your chosen spot. (First-ordered, first placed.).
  • We'll tear down, roll and deliver the photo panel to your booth immediately after the show for you to keep.
The Cost?
  • $250 to produce the panel to display in your booth - then it's yours to take home.
  • $750 to produce the panel and display in the Bridal Extravaganza Hall; $150 to display the panel at future shows.

Spots are limited per show, so don't wait. Contact specialevents@texasweddings.com for more information.

Booth Signage

Banner 8' x 2', 4-color, 13oz. vinyl, w/ grommets                               $200

Pop Up X-Frame vinyl banner 32" x 71", 4-color                                 $175

Tension Fabric Pop Up Banner 36" x 90", double-sided, 4-color     $325