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How to Choose Your…Wedding Accommodations

In the parade of decisions that need to be made surrounding your wedding, planning hotel accommodations can often cause unexpected stress.

For most couples, this is the first time they’ve worked with a hotel to coordinate a large group of guests. The contractual details and terms may be confusing, or you may have incorrect assumptions on how the process works.

Your wedding coordinator may or may not handle the coordination of overnight accommodations. If not, you’ll need to chart those waters yourself. 

And we’ve got all the details on what you need to know, and what questions to be sure to ask.

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How To Choose Your…Wedding Send Off

It’s the night of your wedding reception. All the plans have finally come together. The execution, flawless. The food and drinks have been consumed. The dance floor is winding down.

It’s time to make your exit.

This is your last look for your wedding. The final shot to wrap up the night.

What’s it going to be?

From bubbles to sparklers to saber archways, your options range from the traditional to the unexpected. We’ve got a few ideas to ensure your final departure is memorable and photo-ready.

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Alternative Wedding Receptions…Wedding Weekends

Planning a wedding reception? Kick it up a notch with a wedding weekend filled with excursions, fantastic food and plenty of time to kick back. In our last installment of alternative wedding receptions, we bring you the wedding weekend.

Wedding weekends can take your nuptials to the next level. Instead of memorializing the “big day,” a weekend affair gives you multiple opportunities to have fun, make memories and celebrate. And did we mention all the outfits?

There are additional logistics and considerations when planning a three day affair. But don’t worry, we have the lowdown on how to make this type of wedding a success.

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Missed the Austin Bridal Extravaganza? Check out all the highlights here!

The ultimate jump-start on your wedding planning? The Bridal Extravaganza of course. Couples from all over Austin joined us for a day of fashion, sweet cake samples, savory catering, pumping DJ’s and so much more. The Bridal Extravaganza is the largest Bridal Show in Austin and helps couples from all over the area in planning their wedding. Missed the fun? Check out the recap here and plan to join us at the next show, September 12th.
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This Bride Wrote a Two Page Letter of Expectations for Her Bridesmaids…and we love it.

If you head to Tik Tok for wedding ideas and advice (or follow Buzzfeed, the Today Show, Insider, etc) you’ve likely seen the epic and now viral video of San Antonio bride Lisa Torres. In the video she shows off the letter she included in her bridesmaid proposal box detailing out her expectations and potential costs, right down to the mandatory bachelorette trip to a resort in Mexico.

The comments on the video range from applause to ridicule, with some commentators being shocked that bridesmaids should have to pay for anything themselves.

However, if you’ve ever been a bridesmaid before being a bride you know the costs and time commitments can get hefty. We’re here to give you the rundown on what Lisa got right, and how to set your own expectations for your bridesmaids and still be friends by your wedding day.

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Alternative Wedding Receptions – Cocktail Party

This month we’re talking about alternative types of wedding receptions, and a wedding cocktail party reception is next on our list. Think late-night-after-party-rooftop party, where the drinks are flowing, the music is on point and you and your guests dance the night away. Thinking of a pre-dinner cocktail affair? We’ve got tips on that too. Keep reading to hear how to pull off a successful wedding reception, cocktail party style.

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Austin Venue Tour…Rustic Beauties

When it comes to Texas, rustic Hill Country weddings will always be a unique experience for you and your guests. Taking the best of Texas’s beautiful landscape and ambiance and adding charming venue options, these wedding venues are ideal for that classic Texas wedding feel.

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Fast Five Austin – Westlake Eye Specialists

Your eyesight may not be the first thing you think of when preparing for your wedding day, but for many couples this may be the perfect opportunity to invest in your health and beauty. Westlake Eye Specialists not only provides LASIK surgery among other types of surgery, but Lid Rejuvenation and Botox, helping you look your best for the day. We sat down with them to learn a little bit more about their business.

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Alternative Wedding Receptions…Brunch

long table with flowers, linens and plates outdoors

Brunch – it’s not just for bridal showers anymore!

As Saturday nights are booking up for both short-term and long-term dates, couples are looking at alternative options for their wedding reception. Brunch weddings make for an excellent alternative. It’s inherently festive, and can bring garden-party vibes to your wedding reception. Your brunch wedding reception can be elegant and sophisticated, or relaxed and cheerful. We have all the details on how to make a brunch wedding reception flawless.

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Fast Five Austin – I Pronounce You

wedding minister laughing with young couple

Finding the right wedding minister can sometimes be an afterthought in the midst of your wedding planning. But one sit down with Nancy with I Pronounce You and you’ll know you’re in the right place. Read on to find out Nancy’s favorite new wedding trend (it’s hilarious!), how her company is different and all the services I Pronounce You provides.

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The Newest Texas Wedding Guide Magazine Has Arrived!

The Texas Wedding Guide is the only local wedding magazine that covers Austin, San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country and we recently released the latest issue! Our 2021 issue is choked-full of wedding know-how, inspiration and loads of wedding professionals to get to know. Be sure to pick up your copy of the Wedding Guide and start planning. Read on to see some of the magazine highlights.
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Fast Five Austin – Chapelle Mouton

We love to get to know the people behind the wedding professionals! This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Dale from Chapelle de Mouton, one of the Hill Country’s beautiful wedding venues. This Mediterranean-styled Hill Country wedding venue is a truly unique location for your wedding. Read on to see the pics, learn more, and get to know some fun facts.

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Jump Start Your Planning at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza Show!

Ready to get wedding planning? Head to the biggest and best bridal show in Austin – the Bridal Extravaganza! The show is the perfect place to meet wedding professionals, get inspiration and win big with Cash for Contracts, prizes and more. So join us June 6th from Noon – 5PM at the Palmer Events Center.

No tickets yet? Avoid the line and purchase in advance with our online ticket portal.

Keep reading for more information and our best tips!

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Austin Venue Tour…Ranches & Resorts

Looking for that true Texas atmosphere at your wedding?  We are taking a venue tour this week of the area’s Ranches & Resorts. We have the run down to get you started on your wedding venue search.

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How To Choose Your…Wedding Colors

Wedding Stationary and Flowers in Green, Mauve, Burgundy, Marigold & Pink

Once your wedding date is announced and planning begins in earnest, you’ll frequently get asked one question many times – What are your wedding colors? 

The question may be common, but can elicit stressful feelings. Your overall wedding design hinges on choosing the perfect color scheme. 

But don’t stress. We have your step-by-step guide on how to choose your wedding colors.

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3 Last-Minute Mini Cinco de Mayo Parties

Wedding planning got you overwhelmed? Take a break and bust out the margaritas! It’s Cinco de Mayo and we have your last-minute party recipes and ideas to create a fun evening where wedding plans are NOT allowed to be discussed.

So grab your fiance for a date night, or your bridesmaids for a break and enjoy the festivities. We have three mini-party ideas to make it a memorable night.

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Austin Venue Tour of…Outdoor Elegant Venues

Love the Hill Country views but looking for a bit of elegance? This week we’re bringing you Hill Country wedding views that are each unique in their own way. From modern, architectural design to Italian elegance, read more to find your perfect wedding venue.

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Alternative Wedding Reception – A High Tea Wedding

Saturday night wedding? Perhaps not. With so many weddings rescheduled, Saturday evenings are becoming crowded. Whether your preferred venue is not available, or you’re just ready to do something original, we’re bringing you a new series on alternative wedding receptions. You get all the fabulousness of a great event, without the well-worn ceremony/dinner/dancing/cake reception scenario.

Ready to rethink your wedding reception? This week we’re starting with a High Tea Wedding.

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Hot Wedding Catering Trends You Need to Know About

The money you spend on your wedding catering is often one of the largest investments you’ll make in creating your event. And even though your guest list may have shrank, that doesn’t mean your wedding should have any less flair. 

Weddings are trending formal and fancy, with a post-pandemic lust for glamour. Add some style and glam through your catering professional. Here’s how!

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The (FREE!) Essential Wedding Planning Tool You Need Today!

Looking for a free, essentials one-stop phone app to plan and organize your wedding? We got you. The Texas Wedding Guide app is loaded with features and syncs seamlessly to and your Wedding Portal, letting you access your dashboard any place, any time, on any device. 

Here’s a few of the many features of the wedding planning app.
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How to Choose Your…Guest List.

Finalizing the guest is a wedding planning task that simply can’t be ignored. With many guest lists still being trimmed and eyes always on the budget, the ideal guest list is important. Wondering how to choose your guest list? We have all the essentials here.

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Austin Venue Tour of…Manors & Mansions

If you’re a couple who love romantic vibes and historic ambiance, a mansion or manor house may be the ideal location for your wedding. Roaming gardens, vintage furniture and throw back to elegance vibe all make these venues the perfect choice. 

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Spring Beauty Trends for 2021

No final bridal look is complete without deciding on your make-up and hair options. From romantic to sleek, your choices are wide but there’s only one final look that will be perfect for you. We’ve rounded up the latest trends to get you started.

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Spring Wedding Fashion Trends for 2021

Ah, Springtime. The weather gets warmer, the trees begin to bloom and everything feels fresh and new. We’ve got the latest in Spring Trends in both bridal and menswear fashion to get you dreaming of your Spring wedding 2021 and beyond.

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Stateside Honeymoon Destinations – Safe, Simple and Totally Romantic!

Your honeymoon is a time to take a deep breath, re-center yourself as a couple and get away for a romantic time. In short – the honeymoon is an essential part of wedding planning you don’t want to skip out on.

With couples enduring more than their fair share of wedding stress this last year, and many still planning for the future, brides and grooms are looking for honeymoon options that won’t require constant rescheduling and restriction changes. The solution? A stateside honeymoon. There are many beautiful and unique locations across the continental US that are a short flight or drive away. We recommend working with a travel agent to further reduce the stress of planning your honeymoon.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite stateside locations to get you started.

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How to Choose Your…Austin Wedding Venue

Looking for the right wedding professional for your Austin wedding can be a challenge, and the wedding venue is among the first decisions you’ll need to make. When brides and grooms begin considering where to host their wedding, it’s not surprising for the list of potential locations to span a large range.

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Austin Wedding Open Houses & Events – February Highlights!

Despite the cold start February thankfully warmed up enough for venues to host fun and festive Open House events – and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Check out the latest from these events!

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Austin Black and White Photography Inspo!

When black and white journalistic photography first appeared in wedding photography, couples went crazy for it. And it’s obvious why. The results are super-slick and sophisticated. The final images are stylish enough to be framed and put up in a living room, office or bedroom. We gathered some great examples from some of our fav locations and photographers in Austin.

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Fast Five with McKinney Roughs Nature Park

We sat down with McKinney Roughs Nature Park to learn a little more about their beautiful Lost Pines venue and all the unique activities and options they have for couples getting married or even creating a memorable wedding weekend.

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How to Choose Your…Austin Wedding Date.

You know the drill. You upload your engagement video, post your engagement ring pics and announce to the world “We’re engaged!” Then, the questions come pouring in. And they’re all centered on when exactly your knots will be tied.

Choosing a wedding date is often the first big wedding decision couples need to make. And that decision can even extend to include family input and bridal party needs. In a planning process where each decision seems it’s own micro-relationship test, choosing a wedding date needs forethought and patience.

The good news? We have a few things to consider to make that decision just a little easier.

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Austin Venue Tour! – Breathtaking Ballrooms

Our next venue tour takes us to some of the loveliest ballrooms in the Austin area for your wedding. From Lake Travis elegance to Georgetown charm, we’ve rounded up a venue list for couples searching for the perfect ballroom.

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The Austin Wedding Vendors You Didn’t Know You Needed…

As soon as that ring slides on your finger, you’re thinking about the wedding day. The big ticket items such as a venue, caterer and decor will immediately come to mind. But what about the essential wedding vendors you may NOT have thought of? We have a list summed up for you of important wedding professionals you may have missed…until you need them.

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Austin January Bridal Extravaganza Recap

The ultimate jump-start on your wedding planning? The Bridal Extravaganza of course. Couples from all over Austin joined us for a day of fashion, sweet cake samples, savory catering, pumping DJ’s and so much more. The Bridal Extravaganza is the largest Bridal Show in Austin, and one peek shows you just why. Missed the fun? Check out the deets and photos and start planning on joining us June 6th.

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Afrocentric Wedding Themes & Ideas – Your Austin Wedding

Whether you have a distinct knowledge of your ancestry you want to connect with, or you simply want to imbibe your wedding with Afrocentric traditions and themes. We have your tips, ideas, and a bit of history.

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Austin Wedding Vendor Open House – January Highlights!

From venues to bridal shops – January was bustling with local Austin wedding vendor events. We’re giving you the highlights and the best of pics in case you missed one of these great events.

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Trends, Tips and Super Cool Stuff – Austin Wedding Guide Winter Issue Highlight

The winter issue of the Texas Wedding Guide has hit the stands, and we’re showing off the latest in weddings. From trends and tips to really cool wedding ideas, we’re covering the can’t miss wedding features. Need some ideas? 
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Need a Valentine’s Gift? Check out these Austin events and specials!

Our vendors are known for their wedding and event expertise, but they don’t stop there. We’ve gathered up some Valentine’s gift ideas, still available and ready to get in time for V-Day. So take a break from the planning, spend some time together, and remember where you first began.

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Venue Tour – Golf & Country Clubs in Austin

Selecting a wedding venue for your wedding is one of the first decisions you’ll make on the way to creating your dream wedding. But don’t sweat it, the Wedding Guide is here to help. We’ve created a curated list of golf and country club wedding venues just for you. Country clubs offer the ideal balance of beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces coupled with elegant indoor ballrooms. Read on to check out our list!

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A Winter Wonderland in Austin

Though winters in Austin may often be bright and sunny, couples who love the winter wonderland look for their nuptials can still get that snowy flair. From decorations to floral to fashion, it’s all about the look. Never mind the weather. 
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Fast Five Austin with Mermaid Strands

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Christa Holt, owner of Mermaid Strands LLC.
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Boutique Weddings in Austin – Perfectly Intimate

Planning your boutique wedding in Austin? We’ve compiled expert tips and links to intimate wedding specials in the Austin area. Let’s get planning!

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Austin Bridal Extravaganza – What to Know Before You Go


We’re geared up and ready to meet you at the Bridal Extravaganza this Sunday, January 31st from Noon – 5PM at the Embassy Suites San Marcos Hotel. Wondering what to expect? Keep reading for more information and our best tips.

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Fast Five with J Bar Enterprises

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Tanis Jamar, co-owner with husband David, of J Bar Enterprises.

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Recently Engaged in Austin? Here’s what to do NEXT…

As the buzz of your epic proposal begins to wane, and you’ve already starting tagging pics with your unique couple’s hashtag, it’s time to get down to the business at hand: Planning your wedding in Austin. But don’t panic. We got you – with the next steps to start with as you begin planning.

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Fast Five with The Knot Tyer Wedding Minister

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Scott Payne, Minister/Owner of The Knot Tyer Wedding Minister. 
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HighPointe Estate’s Open House – Check out these great venue and vendors!

The perfect way to kick off 2021 if you’re engaged? An indulgent open house with HighPoint Estate and a fantastic lineup of wedding vendors. When planning your wedding in Austin, what easier way to knock off that To Do list then have the vendors assembled for you to meet. The theme was “Ring in the New Year” (pun intended!) and guests were greeted with pink champagne and start their journey touring this breathtaking venue and meeting eager wedding vendors.
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Start Your Planning at an Open House

Today’s couples have a wide range of tools to help them plan their big day: wedding websites, apps, shows and magazines just to name a few.

One often-overlooked option are Open Houses which are smaller, more intimate events typically hosted by the venue and usually featuring a couple of dozen select wedding professionals.

Why should attending be at the top of your planning to-do list?
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Fast Five with Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Elevia Le, Special Events Coordinator for Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery.  
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Cheers to the New Year!

Wow… No one expected 2020 to turn out the way it did. We had to shelter at home, come to the realization that we might run out of toilet paper, figure out distance learning, deal with unemployment and so much more. But we are strong,
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Fast Five with Desert Door Distillery

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Jessica Alderete, onsite events coordinator, at the Desert Door Distillery.
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