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7 tips for perfect family portraits- Guest Post

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7 Tips for Perfect Family Portraits – By: Double Knot Pictures

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Special Touches on the Wedding Day – Guest Post

How do you make this event yours? By including special touches on the wedding day! Here are some ideas of how you could create emotion and connection!

Special touches on the wedding

Write a sweet letter

Writing a sweet letter, sharing with your partner why you’re marrying them, is a wonderful way to set the tone for the day. Sometimes, people even read them around the corner from one another, which is also a very sweet touch. All that matters is building the excitement for the next time you see each other! I love the above photo, Katie couldn’t stop tearing up at all the sweet words Maegan shared with her. It was such a beautiful moment, one of many on a truly spectacular day!

Special Touches on the Wedding Day

Custom Gifts

A beautiful custom gift, like these cuff links with the specific ceremony time (and also an inside joke), is a fantastic gift. The groom, Josh, put them on immediately after. Jewelry, cuff links, ties, hankies, etc. All wonderful gifts, to commemorate a perfect day!

Special Touches on the Wedding Day

Bring your dog!!

I love dogs at weddings, as long as they actually listen! haha! What a fun way to include your whole family into the experience! Not all dogs do well in events like weddings, but there are amazing companies like The Wedding Pet Attendant, who will show up and help with your pet the WHOLE day!

Special Touches on the Wedding Day

Get ready together!

This is generally an activity only LGBT+ couples do, because hetero couples tend to focus on traditions, but I love this. It’s such an intimate feel, helping one another get ready for the big moment. Of course, you can’t do a first look at this point. However, I think sometimes it’s a decent trade, not missing a moment together.

Matching robes

It looks so clean and beautiful when everyone is wearing beautiful satin robes. Look at this photo! Everyone looks so posh and no one will regret wearing their ratty high school t-shirt with holes in them! This is certainly one of my favorite special touches on the wedding day to see during getting ready!

Special Touches on the Wedding Day

Late night snack!

You know what goes well with an open bar? A LATE NIGHT SNACK! Your friends will absolutely love you for thinking of their achy alcohol belly, trust me! I never get to eat these kind of noshes (I miss you Whataburger), but I know the guests always really appreciate it!

Austin’s Open Houses in October

We are extremely thankful to have had the chance to attend two amazing open houses in October. Getting a chance to visit with our professionals and watch you create your perfect wedding checklist, is why we love going to open house events. 
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Austin’s Open Houses in September

Have you noticed a change in seasons yet? In this Texas heat, me neither. That’s still not stopping our vendors from hosting these amazing open houses. With engagement season just around the corner, this is the perfect time to secure your wedding date by booking your wedding venue.  

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Why You Need to Exfoliate to Acid, NOT a Scrub

5 Fun Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Thinking about adding your fur baby into your wedding ceremony? Pet Gals has the perfect solution to having your paw-family joining your special celebration. 
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Austin’s Open Houses in July

Open houses are a blast and don’t forget they offer the perfect glimpse into how your wedding could look! Plus you get to have all your questions answered, meet preferred vendors, and enjoy delicious bites and drinks.

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Austin’s Open Houses in June

Open Houses are an amazing opportunity to network with our favorite wedding professionals, whether it’s to find a DJ, caterer, or the venue of your dreams.

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3 Top Tips from Your Wedding Florist Expert

Got flowers checked off your to-do list? No, then here are some tips from Marilyn owner of Florals Your Way to help prepare you for that first visit. 
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Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

We’re big believers in trusting experts and if you want to look great in your wedding photos (and who doesn’t) then ask a photographer. Double Knot Pictures has some great tips.

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