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The Next Bridal Extravaganza Is In :
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December 31 & 1, 2023

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Load In Times: Wednesday December 31, 1969 -
Show Times: December 31 & 1, 2023 - Noon - 5 p.m.

Booth & Setup Information

What does my booth come with?

  • 10'x 10' (unless otherwise noted in your contract) booth space
  • 8' high black back drape
  • 3' high black side drape
  • 1 Booth ID sign
  • Show leads
**Please note that due to COVID regulations, side drape will be 8' tall for the first 6 feet and then 3' tall drape the rest of the way.

* Deadline for discount pricing on Additional Items Orders is December 31, 1969 at 5 p.m.

Additional Items Orders

Tables, electricity, carpet, food permits and other additional items can be ordered on the Additional Items Order Form. The deadline for discount pricing on Additional Items Orders is December 31, 1969.

Food & Beverage

Any exhibitor that is sampling food or beverages must comply with all regulations and obtain a Temporary Food Service Permit. Permits must be ordered from the Bridal Extravaganza using the Additional Items Order Form. Exhibitors must sign and return the temporary food service permit forms. Keep in mind the last day for discounted pricing and forms for the food permit are due December 31, 1969. If you do not get your proper paperwork in on time you will incur an automatic late fee.


A generic sign with your company name and booth number will identify your booth upon arrival. We recommend you replace this sign with one that is professionally designed and manufactured and includes your company logo.Either sign should readily identify to the bride what you do. Example: Enjoyable Enterprises Vs Enjoyable Bar and Grill

Promotional Opportunities

Cash for Contracts

Brides who put down deposits with exhibitors on the day of the show are eligible to win up to $250 (10% of the contract up to $250) toward their wedding. If you sign contracts at the show be sure to tell your brides to enter their contract into the Cash for Contracts drawing. For more info about Cash for Contracts click here.

Bridal Bucks

Each registered bride attending the show will receive $500 in free Bridal Extravaganza Bucks. These bucks can be used to book goods and services from the vendors that choose to accept Bridal Bucks. Participating exhibitors create their own Bridal Bucks offer for brides at the show as an incentive for brides to make decisions and book quickly. For more info about Bridal Bucks click here.

Don't Forget to Pack

  • Tape
  • Pins (straight & saftey)
  • Fishing line
  • Stool/ladder
  • Power strips
  • Laptop charging cords/batteries
  • Mints
  • Business cards
  • Flyers/post cards
  • Appointment calendar
  • Contracts
  • Pens

Booth Gallery