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Use this form to order tables, electricity, carpet and food permits. Please use your vendor portal to check what items are already ordered for your booth. Tables, electricity, carpet and food permits are often included in your contract and have already been paid for. If you need quantities other than what is listed on this form or further assistance, please call our office at 210-599-0336 to place your order. Discounted pricing ends 12/31/1969 at 5 p.m
Your booth rental does not include a table. You are welcome to bring your own table and/or table coverings. If you rent a table from us, it will include black skirting.
6' Table (Standard) 6' L 24”D x 30”H
8' Table (Standard) 8' L 24”D x 30”H
6' Table (Tall) 6' L 24”D x 42”H
8' Table (Tall) 8' L 24”D x 42”H
Cocktail Table 30" Round - Tall height (42" tall) -No Skirting or Linen
500 Watts Suitable for small TV's, DVD players, laptops, etc.
1000 Watts Minimum for most microwaves & TV's over 32"
2000 Watts Minimum for most margarita machines
Super Steel
If you have a banner that you would like to hang higher than everyone else, you may want to consider super steel. This service includes the reinforced pipe & bases and the setup and break down of your banners. Your banner can hang as high as 15 ft (depending on the size of the banner).
Super Steel - 10' Banner or smaller Pipe, bases, setup, & tear-down
Super Steel - 11' Banner or larger Pipe, bases, setup, & tear-down
Carpet is not included in your booth rental. You are welcome to bring your own carpet. If you rent carpet from us, it will be gray.
10x10 Carpet For 1 booth
10x20 Carpet For 2 booths
10x30 Carpet For 3 booths
10x40 Carpet For 4 booths
Food Permit
If you are distributing food or beverage products of any kind you must order a food permit. You must also read and complete the Temporary Food Service Permit packet. Food Permit Packet Download
Food Permit Requires Temporary Food Service packet completion
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