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5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Cynthia’s Mobile Spa

Now who doesn’t want to get pampered with their boo or their besties plus have the spa come to you?! We recently visited with Cynthia Perez, owner of Cynthia’s Mobile Spa and she shared with us what sets her company apart from others, what inspired her to start her business, and her best planning advice and tips for couples.

What services do you provide?

We are very plainly, a Full-Service Mobile Spa. Whether it’s Bachelorette Spa Parties, On-site Chair Massage for a Reception/Event, or just need a well-deserved Glow-up, we have what you need! We bring Fully Licensed Specialists to YOU without ever having to leave your home! Destination Wedding in mind? We travel anywhere! We are here to tailor-fit your needs, time constraints, venue, space limitations, and small or large parties. Our goal is to get your Skin, Body & Mind prepped for your Big Day! You’ll never get a basic treatment with us! Each Massage will always include CBD massage oil and aromatherapy and our Esthetic services only utilize top-quality products to care for your skin.

What inspired you to start this company?

What got me into this industry, is essentially what made me start my own company altogether. A few years ago, I was hospitalized for a very large amount of time, and through that process, I became more aware of the things that are most important to me and my entire life focus shifted drastically. I went from working a very corporate job to pursuing my dreams of helping people. I focused on alternative pain management, and helping people feel better in more natural ways. Now, I dedicate my time in encouraging women, more than anything, to feel good about themselves. And starting this company has given me the tools and resources to help women in a way that’s not always encouraged but needed. It’s not an aesthetic, it’s survival!

What sets your company apart from similar ones in the same field?

The thing that sets us apart is that we are a company dedicated to WOMEN. We love our kids and men companions, but it’s the WOMEN in our lives that we want to provide that extra love and support to. It’s a personalized experience meant to nurture your well-being. We bring the elevated services that you would get at a traditional high-end spa without the stuffyness of it all. Quality products, a talented staff, and NONE of the judgment is what you’re going to get with us always!

What is your best planning advice or tip for couples?

The BEST planning advice I can give to all couples is to take in the moment. Just take a second, or two, and look at the place you’re in now and just breathe! I’ve worked with a lot of couples that get so caught up in the planning and stress of the big day that they can’t even enjoy the moment! No matter how, or when you’re doing it, don’t forget to enjoy it! And if you have trouble relaxing, you can always call me!

Why do you love this company and your job?

I love my company because I can finally stand for something that represents me and what I’m about. I’m doing what I love and the feedback from a happy client makes everything worth it. Bringing joy brings me joy. It’s cliche, but the truth, nonetheless. I love to be the part of someone’s day that people actually look forward to <3

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