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Trend Spotted! Alternative “Flower Girls”

It’s time to think outside the basket. And in this case, we mean the flower girl basket!

Since the first coordinated dance processional appeared on the wedding trend scene, couples have been looking for fun ways to make their ceremony unforgettable – and bring a smile to guest’s faces.

Our favorite new ceremony trend: Alternative Flower Girls! Read on to hear about this fun new trend.

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Trend Spotted! Ready Together

This week’s wedding trend is all about bucking tradition!

We’re seeing more and more engaged couples getting ready together on their wedding day. Hear more about this trend and why you’ll want to consider getting ready together with your fiance on your wedding day.

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Trend Spotted! Balloons

When considering your wedding decorations, balloons might not be the first type of decoration that comes to mind. But take one look at the latest trend in wedding balloons and you’ll see why couples are incorporating balloons again and again in their wedding.

Like any wedding trend – don’t be tempted to tackle this style on your own. Work with your decor company to achieve an elegant and whimsical look.

Read on to learn how to incorporate balloon decor into your wedding!

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Trend Spotted! Grazing Boards

Since charcuterie and wine became the go-to dinner in recent years for anyone wanting to nosh in a satisfying but bougie way, grazing boards have become hot, hot, hot.

Couple eager to capture this trend are looking for ways to incorporate grazing boards at their weddings, no matter the style or season. Read on to learn how to incorporate grazing boards into your wedding.

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Trend Spotted! Champagne Towers

Wedding trends for 2021 and 2022 are full of glitz and glamour. It’s all Gastby-inspired, opulent-loving, nothing too “over the top” style that couples are loving.

One detail that is making a comeback among all the glamour is champagne towers! Champagne towers at galas and events went from the new and unseen to the old fashion visual. Now couples are embracing these lovable, sparkling towers.

We’re here to talk about all things champagne towers and how to use them at your wedding.

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Trend Spotted! Bright, Bold Colors

Weddings are back and bolder than ever!

As couples are celebrating their unions, the mood is full of joy and spontaneity. Cautious colors are out and bright, bold colors are in. These palettes are picture perfect for couples who want to show off their fun, adventurous side.

If you love wearing the latest trends, or are known for a bold, fuchsia dress in a sea of LBD’s – this just might be the trend for you. Read on to learn how to make this trend work for your wedding.

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Trend Spotted! Wedding Weekend

Wedding weekends have risen to popularity recently with the need to plan smaller functions, and the desire to get whisked away to a beautiful location. Wedding venues that include multiple event sites, activities and lodging are offering couples an opportunity to plan an entire weekend of celebration.

We have the low down on how to plan an epic 3-day wedding soiree without breaking the bank!

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Trend Spotted! Lawn Games

Lawn games are making a big appearance in weddings these days! From a few games during cocktail hour to a full-scale competition during the wedding reception. Check out our tips on how to incorporate lawn games into your wedding, and read about a few of our favorites.

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Trend Spotted! Embroidered Wedding Cakes

We haven’t seen a wedding trend cake this popular or stylish since the naked wedding cake craze of 2016 and the cupcake rage of 2009.

Embroidered wedding cakes are being spotted at weddings large and small for the last year and we’re in love. These vibrant and festive wedding cakes are bringing an extra punch of style to weddings in South Texas and beyond.

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