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Trend Spotted! Alternative “Flower Girls”

It’s time to think outside the basket. And in this case, we mean the flower girl basket!

Since the first coordinated dance processional appeared on the wedding trend scene, couples have been looking for fun ways to make their ceremony unforgettable – and bring a smile to guest’s faces.

Our favorite new ceremony trend: Alternative Flower Girls! Read on to hear about this fun new trend.

Many wedding ceremonies are somber affairs. And they should be. The event is special and momentous, signifying the combining of two hearts and many times two families. Couples will often take moments of remembrance for those who have passed, and incorporate special religious or family traditions.

But that doesn’t mean your wedding ceremony can’t have lighthearted moments as well!

One way to incorporate an amusing moment into your ceremony is to have an unusual and surprising flower girl. The trick is to ultimately look for someone who can entertain, but doesn’t steal the show. Unless you really want that ceremony video to go viral!

We have the rundown on a few options to consider, from the sweet to the hysterical.

Flower Pets

Now let’s be clear – we’re not saying your beloved pet will actually be able to throw wedding flowers from a basket. (If they can, we recommend you definitely record that and send it to Ellen!)

You can incorporate your pet into your wedding ceremony in many ways, and playing the role of “flower girl” is a good option.

Well trained pets can easily make the short walk down the aisle on their own. Have them carry a basket in their mouth or place a floral wreath around their necks for effect. For pets with a mind of their own, we recommend a guide to take them down the aisle. Have traditional flower girls alongside them, or another trusted pet handler.

Dogs are the most popular choice for wedding flower girls, but any pet can be incorporated. A mini-horse, a bunny, even a particularly well-behaved cat!

Flower Grannies

This may be our favorite flower girl alternative!

We’ve been seeing young girls being replaced by mature, older “grannies” for flower girls with great results.

The role could be held by a beloved grandmother, great aunt or just a dear friend. We love having more than one flower grannie that can play off each other, so two older best friends often make a great flower grannie duo. For older women that need walking assistance, pair them alongside their spouse or a younger groomsmen.

Your flower grannie can be reserved and sweet, or full of life. Grannies who love to ham it up make great alternative flower girls, and will certainly bring a smile and a laugh to the guests.

And unlike very young flower girls, you can rely on them to make it all the way down the aisle.

Flower Bro’s

This alternative wedding flower girl just may bring the most humor to your ceremony!

Flower bro’s, flower dudes, flower boys – whatever you call them, this hilarious trend is becoming so popular we could practically host a competition.

Snag your comedian best friend or entertaining cousin to play the role of flower girl for your wedding ceremony. This surprising twist will delight your guests and will certainly be memorable.

Flower bro’s can carry traditional wedding flower baskets or mix it up. Fanny packs are popular, as are custom wedding bags.

If you choose the right guy, your flower bro will likely do more than just toss a few rose petals. Elaborate petal tossing moves to full on dance numbers are the norm.

And to really surprise your guests, you could always have your flower bro toss more than flowers like this couple, who had their flower guy hand out beers. Surprise and delight indeed!