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2022 Wedding Trends

Weddings in 2022 are all about the big, the bold and the ultra-customized. Couples are taking the idea of their personal love story, including their family history and meet-cute moments, and sharing that story through their event.

And even though most couples are no longer compelled to make major adjustments to their weddings due to the pandemic, trends such as outdoor weddings have stuck.

Read on to hear about the newest trends in weddings and get inspired for your big soiree!

Curated Wedding Favors


Sure, you can technically have a wedding without guests, aside from the minister and one reliable witness.

But it’s the desire to celebrate your nuptials with friends and family that has made weddings what they are today. You want to create a space that shares your story, creates new memories and honors those in your life.

Hosting a wedding that is enjoyable and comfortable for your guests is a great place to start. A great place to end is thoughtful wedding favors.

Say goodbye to mass-produced, non-specific wedding favors. Instead, consider the curated, artisanal and specific to your personal love story. Soaps from that little shop at your favorite vacation spot, spice packets from a family recipe, candles with a custom scent. Anything that says “you” as a couple will be a great wedding favor pick!

Over the Top Entertainment


Time to think beyond the lone harpist and really surprise and delight your guests with mega-cool wedding entertainment.

Aerialists, magicians, and even flash mob dancers are popping up in weddings all over the country. The acts can keep your guests entertained during the cocktail hour or add a special element to the dinner hour.

Need more entertainment ideas? Check out our dedicated post about this trend!

Mega Floral


Another aspect that’s going big in weddings is the floral.

We’re talking over-the-top, dramatic, theatrical mega-floral. This could mean an impressive floral archway, scaled-up floral centerpieces, a wedding aisle crowded with a carpet of flowers, or a reception space whose ceiling is dripping with delicate flowers.

Where lighting took center stage in weddings in the late 2010’s, floral is this decade’s demand in wedding decor. It’s the level of floral that demands the term “floral installation” when planning with your decorator or wedding consultant.

Reinventing Outdoors


Let’s be clear – outdoor weddings have never completely gone out of style. Especially here in Texas. But the pandemic era of weddings saw even more couples hosting outdoor events.

And because many of these couples never envisioned an outdoor wedding to begin with, the “sets” have become increasingly elaborate. Gone is embracing the simple nature of an outdoor environment. Now, the outdoor space is being enhanced with linen, furniture, flooring, draping and lighting.

It’s all about bringing the indoors out and recreating a truly unique space that celebrates nature and works to improve upon it.

Living Room Feels


Another aspect of the relaxed and cozy in todays’ weddings is living-room inspired reception spaces.

Avoid having your guests balance cocktails and small plates while attempting to make conversation, or crowd around a handful of lone cocktail tables.

Instead, give them fully-functional spaces complete with ottomans, side tables, and loveseats. Add texture and ease by laying in pillows, throws and rugs. With the right wedding venue, you can use the set up for your cocktail hour and re-open the space post-dinner. Bonus points for adding charging points for your guests to renew their phone batteries while they rest their feet!

Cozy Fabrics


Wedding fabric trends are sumptuous, delicious and rich. And we are so here for it.

Velvet, shag, sherpa – the look is all about cozy feelings paired with luxury details. It’s the curl up by the fire moment, but in the richest cashmere available.

Fabrics have their influence in wedding fashion, details and decor. And fabric trends are a key indicator into what is up and coming for weddings and the way couples want their guests to feel at the event.

You’ll see these cozy fabrics pop up in table linens, but also in the living room sets we talked about. Rugs, throws and pillows that make up the relaxed environment brides are flocking to.

Customized Details


Every wedding has a bit of customization. Every couple wants to tell their unique story. Every ceremony is a reflection of their history, shared and otherwise.

But this trend goes beyond a monogrammed BOGO on the dance floor to a new level of customization. We’re talking custom linens, monogrammed china and made-for-you napkin rings.

For the bride that loves to do things her own way, this trend is right up her alley. Move over signature drinks and make way for custom cigar blends and curated wedding favors. Today’s shortened guest list means more opportunities for the specialized and unique. Work with your wedding planner for more ideas to make your wedding truly yours.