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Green Wedding Decor Inspo!

Feeling green?

We can’t think of a luckier day to get married than St. Patrick’s Day! But whether you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day wedding or not, we can still steal some inspiration from the popular holiday with a little green wedding inspo. 

Choosing your wedding color palette is one of the first steps you’ll take in planning your wedding decor. And it can be an intimidating step. There are countless colors and shades to choose from, each that evoke a different emotion and set a different mood. 

Green is a universally popular color, and is trending like crazy in weddings. We understand why. Green is both comforting and full of life. And we need both these days. 

There are endless shades of green, each indicating a different ambiance and look for your wedding. From deep ocean greens to the palest of sage, we’re reviewing how to incorporate green into your wedding decor.

Deep Greens


Darky, earthy greens like emerald, teal and forest green evoke luxury and sophistication. 

Pairing emeralds with gold is a popular choice (hello Irish influence!), but the potential color pairings go beyond metallics. Earth tones such as brick red or deep brown are natural color pairings. Shades of yellow are also a great choice, from sunshine yellow to a deep mustard. 

Black and emerald green make an alluring wedding color combination. The look is ideal for winter weddings where the rich colors feel cozy and warm. Stack the colors alongside pure white for balance. Add stripes for extra style.

If your wedding is in the Spring, don’t feel the need to shy away from a dark green color. Pair your forest green with lighter shades of blush pink or pale peach for a warm-weather worthy combination. The lighter colors will brighten the overall decor to fit the season.

Pale Greens


On the other end of the spectrum are pale green colors such as sage, olive and avocado. 

Pale greens work beautifully year round, depending on the colors they are paired with. For example, sage green is perfect for spring alongside a pale, dusty pink, but works equally well in the fall with rich amber and burgundy. Summer weddings with pale green paired with coral looks fantastic, as do multiple shades of blue.

Mint greens is nearly in a category all its own as it can be pale or bright. Pair mint with gray for subtly, or a bright yellow or pink for an energetic combination. 

Greens such as olive and avocado have undertones of yellow and look beautiful with neutrals like cream, taupe and camel. For the opposite effect, add in citrus colors to wake these green shades up and add vibrancy.

Bright Greens


A green wedding has a totally different vibe when using bright greens such as lime, chartreuse or apple green.

Bright green color schemes are a favorite for spring weddings. These shades of green are light and airy, and remind us of new beginnings.

Nothing beats green and blue for great color pairings, each shade evoking different styles. Navy alongside apple green looks nautical and fresh for summer weddings. Turquoise and lime green are great for beachside weddings.

Pink and green is another classic combination that is great for weddings. The look is full of life and energy, great for a daytime event.

But using a bright green doesn’t mean intense pops of color throughout your wedding. You can tone down the brightness by pairing lime green with gentle shades of peach, pale yellow or even lighter shades of green.

Green with Neutrals


Nothing pairs better with a neutral wedding palette than green. Green can anchor a neutral wedding palette and give the wedding decor depth and substance.

The look is perfection for couples considering an outdoor wedding that embraces and utilizes the surrounding nature. Done right, you won’t need any additional colors for your wedding color scheme.

When pairing with naturals, look to greens that come direct from nature like sage and moss. With this look, there’s no need to stick with one shade. Just as nature gives multiple shades of green in a tree or plant, using multiple shades of green alongside your neutrals gives extra oomph to your wedding.

Live those fairytale forest wedding vibes by adding string lights, long wooden tables and mossy centerpiece elements.

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