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Unique Vendors and Venues: Make Your Special Day Distinctive

Everyone wants to make their special day a day to remember. So, how do you go about doing that? Take a look at these unique features and places to incorporate on your wedding day to cultivate an unforgettable experience. 

Trends come and go in the wedding world; everyone wants their day to stand out, after all! But everyone’s definition of unforgettable varies, so we are going to go over some amazingly unique vendors and venues to get your thinking gears going!

Mobile Bars

There are a couple forms of mobile bars, one of them being an actual mobile trailer that can be parked onsite, if your wedding venue allows. Or, if you would rather have something a little more lowkey, you can secure an outdoor bar stand to keep your guests refreshed as they walk around the venue property.

Remember that mobile bars should serve as an addition to full service bar companies; they are an excellent way to keep your wedding guests from having to wait in long lines. The Bee Hive Party Truck knows all about versatile mobile bars and managing guest lines, with fully equipped cocktail mixers and a professionally trained staff in tow. Better yet, their mobile bars are excellent backdrops for photo ops!

Livestock Showstoppers 

Does it get any more Texan than having a longhorn at your wedding? Having livestock at your wedding is a definite showstopper, and you’re not limited to just longhorns. Cross T Ranch offers beer burros too!

Longhorns and Beer Burros not only provide amazing photo opportunities, but they also serve as additional entertainment for the night. If you’re thinking that livestock may be a little too lively, not to worry. These animals – longhorns and burros alike – are well trained and have calm dispositions. You will also have a trained professional onsite to keep everyone safe and the wedding experience enjoyable.

Restoring an Heirloom Dress For Your Special Day

A timeless wedding trend is the reuse of an heirloom wedding dress. Not only does this serve a sentimental purpose, but some of us are old souls at heart, and something about vintage clothing just calls our names. Because most all wedding fabrics are fragile and fray or fade over time, you will want to look into a professional dress restoration.

Licensed specialists for these projects are hard to come by, but thankfully we found you the Five Star Wedding Gown Specialists; the only licensed company in the city of San Antonio! If you’ve happened to pop by local museums in SA that featured historic dress displays, chances are that they were restored by Five Star Wedding Gown Specialists. Delicate pearls, sequins, lace, ribbons and flowers are all accessories they have experience working with, so your dress will be in good hands.

A Historic Venue

On the same lines of heirlooms, Historic Venues offer an exquisite nod to the past. The Historic Don Strange Ranch, for example, has been around since the mid 1800s!

The German Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels founded this historic ranch, which was later developed by a Bavarian immigrant, Niclaus Zink, before it came into the hands of the Strange family in 1952. With rustic ceilings adorned with crystal chandeliers, this wedding venue is known to make a lasting impression on its guests.

Historic Downtown SA 

There is no question that downtown San Antonio is seeped in rich history, too. With old missions, chapels, and courthouses, the preserved historic aesthetic is ideal for one-of-a-kind wedding photos.

Prost River Walk Patio and Alchemy Bar is one of the few locations that is able to host an intimate wedding along the San Antonio River. Picture intimately lit riverboats calmly passing by your wedding reception while you and your guests enjoy in house German-inspired catering and well-crafted cocktails.

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