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Trend Spotted! Bright, Bold Colors

Weddings are back and bolder than ever!

As couples are celebrating their unions, the mood is full of joy and spontaneity. Cautious colors are out and bright, bold colors are in. These palettes are picture perfect for couples who want to show off their fun, adventurous side.

If you love wearing the latest trends, or are known for a bold, fuchsia dress in a sea of LBD’s – this just might be the trend for you. Read on to learn how to make this trend work for your wedding.

Citrus Explosion

Bold colors work fantastic with a range of juicy citrus colors. The palette is perfect for summer weddings.

Bright oranges, sunny yellows and pink grapefruit colors all work together. Anchor the colors with a green tone. An olive will calm the look, while a zesty lime will keep it popping. Deep olive or forest greens will give your wedding a walk-through-the-orange-grove look.

These colors look great in a modern-style wedding venue. Look for a ballroom with neutral coloring, the more white the better to let your wedding colors pop.

Spring Flush

Spring wedding color palettes are known for muted, understated colors. But they don’t have to be! Embrace the best of spring with bright pinks, cool blues and a flush of vibrant purple.

If you’re big on florals, this just may be the perfect wedding palette for you. Bright flowers look especially delightful against your white dress and the choices are near endless for decor. Incorporate bright flowers for your tablescapes, backdrops, and archways.

Your wedding planner or decor rental company will love coming up with vibrant options for your tablesettings to bring the entire look together.

Jewel Envy

Bold doesn’t always mean fuchsia and sunshine yellow. If your wedding is in the fall or winter, consider vibrant jewel tones for your wedding.

A jewel wedding color palette is supremely elegant and sophisticated. The rich colors signal opulence and luxury. Eggplant purple, deep emerald, rich peacock all work beautifully for jewel-tone weddings. But don’t neglect mustard yellows and red bordeaux.

This rich palette needs other colors to balance. Shades of grey are popular balancing colors, as are pale pinks or soft taupes.

Taste the Bright Rainbow

Sometimes the best color palette is all the colors! To really go bright and bold, create a rainbow palette of vibrant colors. To make the look, keep the same undertones with your colors. Go for all primary colors, rich tones or with bright, festive coloring.

Make it lively by doing rainbow with a twist. Pink flaming, lime green, sky blue, orchid purple can all come together for optimum punch. With the right backdrop, there’s no need to temper this palette with a neutral color. Embrace the look with audacity and you’ll nail the overlook style.