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Tradition Spin: Guest Books

We recently posted our article Throwing Out Tradition – all about the tired and outdated traditions couples are walking away from. (Hello bouquet toss – we’re looking at you.)

However, instead of throwing some of these traditions completely away, couples can also reinvent them. This takes a tired tradition into a unique and special moment that reflects who you are as a couple.

So we’re tackling the Tradition Spin – all about taking an old tradition and making it new and you! And we’re starting it all off with the reception guest book.


Couples have been reinventing the guest book for some time – and it always seems like there is a new cool way for guests to make their mark.

Guest books started out as a way for witnesses to confirm their attendance at the sacred marriage ceremony. Over time these signatures morphed from witness signatures to guest books, peaking in popularity in the 50’s and 60’s.

The guest book gives your guests an opportunity to write their well-wishes to you, and serves as a memento for years to come. So if that’s important to you, you’ll want to include some style of guest book at your wedding. If you aren’t a nostalgic couple, then skip it. It’s your wedding after all.

If you do like the idea of a guest book but want to update the tradition – you’ve got plenty of options! Type “wedding guest book” into Etsy and you’ll get piles of ideas. Picture frames, globes, wooden blocks, Polaroid photos – whatever you can write on, can be done.

Although the guest book is meant to be a memento for the future, select an option that works with the overall look and feel of your wedding. Wood options for a garden wedding, sleek frames and cards for a sophisticated option. Talk to your wedding planner about what options they’ve seen that would work well with your wedding style.

Whatever your choice, have your bridal party write their well wishes in advance to generate ideas and get the inspiration going. If your guest book is large and in place prior, you may instead ask extended family members to get the writing started. This will let your guests know how to tackle your “guest book” if it is an unusual set up. And then no one will be intimidated by a blank page!

As cool as your updated idea for a wedding guest book may be, you’ll need to think post-wedding. A pile of giant jenga blocks may seem cool at the time, but consider where they’ll be stored. Remember, it’s all about creating a memento for years to come. Maybe you’ll want to remember your wedding blessings on Friday night game night, or maybe you’re better off with something smaller that can be preserved.

When you’re considering options, think not only of the space you’ll need to store the “guest book, “ but the space you’ll need for guests to write their well wishes.