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Trend Spotted! Grazing Boards

Since charcuterie and wine became the go-to dinner in recent years for anyone wanting to nosh in a satisfying but bougie way, grazing boards have become hot, hot, hot.

Couple eager to capture this trend are looking for ways to incorporate grazing boards at their weddings, no matter the style or season. Read on to learn how to incorporate grazing boards into your wedding.

Grazing Boards & Grazing Tables Defined

A grazing board, in its simplest form, is essentially a charcuterie board. Meats, cheeses, little crackers, bits of fruits, tiny vessels of honeys and dips.

That being said, when most people think of grazing boards they envision a pumped-up, charcuterie 2.0 version. Massive boards piled high with meats, cheese, nuts, fruit, breads and olives, all adorned with floral details and sprigs of greenery. The main difference when a bride says “grazing board” instead of “charcuterie” is volume and artistic flair. The best grazing boards look luscious and distinctive.

The other term you’ll often see is grazing table. A grazing table takes things to another level altogether. Think long, lean tables with the entire surface spills with tasty bites and beautiful greenery. A grazing table will feed large groups of people and can be used with all types of food.

The Where and When of Grazing Tables for Weddings

It’s pretty clear we’re big fans of using grazing boards for your wedding. But you’ll want to be sure you’re using this trend where and when it makes sense for your wedding.

If you love the idea of a lush, abundant grazing board but don’t have the funds to pull it off for all your wedding guests, consider using this trend in other wedding-related events. A grazing board will be a hit at wedding showers, bridal brunches, and engagement events.

One of the best times to have a grazing table for your wedding is during the cocktail hour. Think carefully about the set up of your grazing tables during the cocktail hour. For one, you’ll want the backdrop of the board to be picture-perfect as these tables look stunning and will be highly photographed. Secondly, avoid putting your table against a wall. This limits your guests access to the food items and creates congestion.

Grazing tables are great first-course options as well. No matter your set up, small boards can be placed on the center of the table for guests to enjoy at the beginning of the meal. Of course, long tables with nosh adorned down the center is the ultimate grazing table look. Just be sure you have a clever way of removing the items as the night continues.

We especially love a grazing table for a late-night snack option. During drinks and dancing is truly the perfect time to “graze” and the options can be light or filling, savory or sweet, depending on the guest’s choice.

Don’t Do This At Home

It’s easy to see a photo of a mouth-watering grazing board and think, I can do that. After all, you’ve been designing the ultimate charcuterie board at book club for years.

When it comes to your wedding, don’t DIY this detail. We get it. It’s tempting to think of saving money by recruiting friends or family to put a grazing board together for cocktail hour instead of using a professional. But this is your wedding, not a family brunch or friendly birthday party. Any detail you DIY for your wedding is one more To Do on the ever-growing wedding list. And there are additional factors in preparing food for large crowds that you may not be aware of.

A professional caterer will not only put a fantastic grazing table together for your wedding, but they’ll do it safely and beautifully. A professional caterer will be aware of what’s in season, have the know-how to keep the grazing boards stored safely, and also include all the props and decorations you need to pull off this look.

Grazing With a Twist

We’ve talked grazing boards and grazing tables. But this concept can be so much more! The grazing board concept can be done in prepared individual boxes for each guest to enjoy their own. Alternately, you can have your caterer prepare individual grazing boards at a seated dinner for your first course.

With your imagination and the right wedding professional, you can incorporate grazing boards into your wedding flawlessly.