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Winter Wedding Fashion Trends

It’s time to start planning your 2022 and 2023 Winter Wedding and you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered up the biggest trends for upcoming winter wedding fashion that you’ll want to incorporate in your wedding.

Read more about the hottest colors, materials and wedding gown styles that are making it big for winter weddings.

Lace Wedding Gowns

The new lace wedding gown is certainly not your grandmother’s wedding lace. 

Lace wedding gowns for winter are still worn long and elegant. As with all winter weddings, long skirts and full sleeves are still the right, and often practical, choice.

But the newest wedding gown trend for winter weddings gives lace a modern update. The look is less intricate floral lace patterns and more structured, architectural lace detailing. The patterns are more bold and contemporary. Less vintage throw back and uptight.

The new lace wedding gowns for winter also have a sexier spin. Be daring and peek some skin beneath sheer material in between the lace details.

Velveteen Bridesmaids

Velvet is the material for winter weddings in 2022. 

The material exudes old-school elegance with all the opulence that couples are loving for their weddings.

Velvet looks great in a variety of colors. If you’re wanting a Winter Wonderland feel to your wedding and using silvers or light blue, velvet can ground these airy colors with a solid winter feel. And of course, velvet looks fantastic in rich winter colors like navy, burgundy and plum.

But don’t leave out the gentlemen. Velvet details on suits, whether it’s vests or ribbon details, ties the look together with the rest of the wedding party.

Big Ruffles

Wedding trends these days are all about a Go Big or Go Home attitude. And this of course includes the wedding gowns.

One “go big” trend in wedding gowns geared perfectly for winter weddings is ruffles.

This is the perfect trend for brides who like to make an impact. And today’s ruffles are no longer paired with puff sleeves and big bows. The modern ruffle is focused on soft, voluminous layers. Visualize a cascading waterfall or fluffy snow.

The ruffle looks is for more than just the bride. Bring in ruffles with your bridesmaid fashion as well. Just keep their owns with a more low-key ruffled look so it doesn’t outshine your own.

Burgundy For All!

If there is one color that screams Winter Wedding for 2022 it’s burgundy.

This is the perfect color for your winter wedding fashion. The color takes the traditional red of the season and adds a dash of purple for extra oompfh.

You may not have real snow for your Texas winter wedding, but you’ll likely bring in a lot of white in your wedding decor. Burgundy pops against white like no other color, making it both fashionable and bold.

Burgundy also looks great with a variety of skin tones. So if you’re sticking with a single color for your bridesmaid dresses, the gowns will look universally flattering on each bridesmaid. Pair the gowns with simple eye makeup and deep, burgundy lips for an extra punch of color.

Use burgundy in your wedding gown details, bridesmaid dresses and mens suits along with pale colors such as dusty rose, champagne or pure white.