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Trend Spotted! Balloons

When considering your wedding decorations, balloons might not be the first type of decoration that comes to mind. But take one look at the latest trend in wedding balloons and you’ll see why couples are incorporating balloons again and again in their wedding.

Like any wedding trend – don’t be tempted to tackle this style on your own. Work with your decor company to achieve an elegant and whimsical look.

Read on to learn how to incorporate balloon decor into your wedding!

Beautiful Balloon Wedding Arbors

Take a twist on the traditional wedding arbor look with a balloon wedding arbor!

Nothing says quintessential wedding ceremony like a wedding arbor. The decor is especially useful for couples whose ceremonies are in untraditional locations. A wedding arbor gives form and structure to the ceremony space and adds a pop of color and style.

A wedding balloon arbor adds extra oompfh to your ceremony look. You can achieve the look by having your decorator add balloons to an existing archway, or go full balloon look packed with a variety of colors.

Wedding Balloon Tablescapes

Balloons might not be the first decoration that comes to mind when envisioning your reception decor but don’t overlook their unique impact when designed alongside the right florals, linens and china.

When it comes to using balloons for wedding table decorations, less is more in this case. Go for white wedding balloons or a variety of shades from a single color. The simplicity will keep your look elegant and festive while avoiding looking like a kids party.

Beyond using balloons on your tables, float them above your tables. For couples who love high-impact decorations with lots of drama, a canopy of wedding balloons over your reception tables may be more your style.

If you love the look but are still unsure of using balloons at your wedding reception, consider using the effect at your bridal shower, engagement party or post-wedding brunch.

Just a Side Piece

If you love the whimsy of wedding balloon decorations but don’t want the look to take center stage, add just a touch of balloon arrangements in your ceremony or reception space.

Cake table decor can sometimes be an afterthought for couples. Bridal and groom’s cakes set on a round table with nothing more than a stack of plates and one floral arrangement looks dull and unmentionable.

Wedding cakes are beautiful to photograph. Let yours stand out with a playful balloon decoration, alongside floral sprigs or other details to make an outstanding photo and an appetizing display. Think vignette and put your display on a unique table such as a dresser or vintage table.

Other great locations for smaller wedding balloon displays are around the bar at the reception or at the entrance of your ceremony space.

Wedding Balloons 2.0

Mix up your wedding balloon decorations by adding floral. This kicked-up version of balloon decorations adds texture and color when flowers and greenery are added to the balloon arrangement.

For an extra infusion of imagination and style go beyond floral and add leaves, feathers, palms or ribbons. Whatever color scheme and style works for your wedding can be incorporated into your wedding balloon display.